3 Funky Tips To Enhance Your Gin Distillery Experience

Funky Tips To Enhance Your Gin Distillery Experience

As the cosmopolitan capital of New South Wales in Australia, you will find lots of restaurants, cafes, and bars in Sydney. It caters to the local population, dubbed the most densely populated one in the Land Down Under. On top of that, these entertainment venues also cater to the throng of tourists who come to see the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Definitely, you can find ways to relax and have a good time. 

Suppose you are looking for a place to chill and let your hair down, whether after a long workday or sightseeing; hanging out in a gin bar in sydney is the perfect thing to do. Apart from offering different gin variants, you can also try tailored spirits, whiskeys, vodkas, and other cocktail mixes. You can make a reservation at the bar and enjoy a curated list of drinks with different bar food for a true gastronomic experience. And here’s the thing, you can do so much more in a gin bar than drink. Check out how to unwind in a cool gin distillery for an amazingly good time.

Try a Distillery Tour to See Where the Actions Happens

You can book a tasting tour at a distillery. This private experience allows you to experience alcohol tasting and a tour of the distillery for a small fee with your closest friends. Just pick your distillery of choice and book ahead according to your schedule.

In this tour, a guide will show you around the facility. You will see firsthand how they produce their various gins, vodkas, whiskeys, and other cocktails. Best of all, you can also taste their various drinks. Finally, you end the tour with a culmination of seeing the showroom floor where you can grab drinks on the spot with comfort food. 

Take a Cocktail Masterclass to Brush Up Your Skills

Want to level up your drink-mixing skills? Well, you can do that by asking your favourite gin bar in sydney if they offer masterclasses. The art of cocktail making is a fun experience, whether you’re a newbie or a drinking veteran. Moreover, this is a worthwhile endeavour as expert bartenders will teach you how to stir, shake, and strain classic cocktails. 

The minimal fee that you pay will end up being consumed, so it’s a truly great deal. Besides, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in the bar with your friends. Then, later on, you can take your skills home and surprise your future house guests with your cocktail-making skills. 

Learn to Blend a Whisky and Make Bottles of Your Own

If you are a whiskey connoisseur, now is the time to level up your passion by learning how to blend your own whiskey. You can take a whiskey class in a gin distillery, where the attendants will guide you on the process of blending your own concoction. You can book the class with your friends to make it more fun. At the end of it all, you can create a bottle or two on your own. 

You can drink it at the premises together, or you can take it home to enjoy at leisure. Since these classes are really popular, you must book ahead at your favourite gin bar in sydney to ensure you don’t lose a slot. And remember, whenever you head out for drinks, always keep a designated driver to pick you up. It is never a good idea to mix drinking and driving. Relax, have fun, but stay responsible. 

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