Low flow meter: Tips to purchase Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Low flow meter: Tips to purchase Electromagnetic Flow Meter

There are different types of flow measuring devices used in different industries. But he one that is commonly used is the gas flow meter and magnetic type.

The latter is also called electromagnetic meter, addressed generally as ‘mag meter’. This contemporary innovation helps integrate different types of electronic devices while not having any moving parts in it. 


This Flow Meter is considered to be the ideal solution for dirty water-based liquid and wastewater applications. These cases mandate low pressure drop and require less maintenance.

It is not likely to function properly with distilled water, non-aqueous solutions and hydrocarbons. Physical principle that is said to work behind its functioning is said to be based on electromagnetic induction of Faraday’s law. 

Electromagnetic meter devices and its different types

Doing some research will allow you to come across different types of Paperless Recorder and magnetic flow meters that are designed to serve various industrial needs. A few are deemed cost-effective and easy to use and others being advanced and a bit expensive.

Whatever be it, your selection is not to be based on price and technology. Rather, it needs to be based on your prevailing infrastructure. Discussing with the professionals at https://www.silverinstruments.com will help you to choose the best one to suit your industry needs. 

Several magnetic low flow meter types tend to comprise in-line magnetic meter. The latter is known to have superior noise immunity and enhanced ceramic detection tubes. Such meters offer particular flow measurements while being available in different pipe sizes.

The latest with regards to bipolar pulsed DC technological device is slated to be turbine meter and mini flow meters. They are known to have several hi\-tech features and popular due to their long term dependability aspects and low cost maintenance features. 

Low flow flow meter is regarded to be the other meter type meant for various electrically conductive fluids as well as chemicals of diverse viscosities. 

Where to purchase electronic flow meter & low flow flowmeter?

You need to take into consideration several factors when trying to purchase electromagnetic meter or micro flow meter liquid. Ultrasonic level sensor can be termed to be conducive or water-based, be it slurry or abrasive.

Find out if you seek remote or integral display, need digital or analogue output, check maximum and minimum device rate, identify minimum & maximum temperature and procedure, determine if fluid is compatible chemically with wet measuring device parts, etc. Also take into consideration pipe size and if it is always rarely full or completely full. 

Tips to select the best online vendor?

Shopping online is rather the best way to save energy, money and time. Several manufacturers offer flow meter low flow rate and electromagnetic meter. But first check their reliability and compare the quality and rates offered.

Go through the reviews, store/product rating and once satisfied go ahead with your purchase. Also consider other additional important features like application related assistance, installation, technical training and field service. The right choice made is sure to make you happy and satisfied.

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