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Nose pins or nose rings have been in existence for thousands of years. Still, they are increasingly gaining popularity among people in the current times due to aesthetics and symbolic reasons attached to them. In addition, the vast range of options makes it easier for people to pick a nose pin type that best describes their personality.

So whether you want to wear a nose pin to represent your rebellious or charming side, you are sure to find a nose ring that conforms to your requirements. But with so many options and jewelry stores around, how do you choose the best pin from the stack? To make things easier, we’ve listed below some of the best actionable tips that are certain to help you pick the best from the rest.

Choose a Nose Pin Based on Piercing Type

Depending on whether you have done nostril piercing or septum piercing, you should look for options that look best at the piercing spots. For example, if you have nostril piercing, go ahead with classic nose studs or the traditional nose rings, as they’ll look stunning around your nostril’s curve.

But if you have done septum piercing as it is pretty much in-trend, stylish, and versatile, you should look for captive bead rings, a simple septum ring, circular barbells, or other similar but elaborated designs. You can check more options to find the nose pin that accentuates your facial features in the best way possible.

Pick the Best Nose Pin Type Based on Your Preferences

The best part of nose jewelry is the range of options it has on offer. If you’re a minimalist who loves to keep things simple, go ahead with a nose bone/nose pin/nose stud. It is a straight bar with a beaded edge and is comparatively smaller than other nose jewelry types. But if you love experimenting with looks, try out an L-shaped pin or a nostril screw to see what looks best on your face. Both these pieces have a creative edge to them, but the design is simple yet eye-catchy. So decide the type of look you want to achieve before going out shopping for beautiful nose pins.

Metal Choice

The wrong choice of metal can irritate your skin, and you may find it difficult to wear even for a few minutes. So double-check the metal of nose jewelry to ensure that it is skin-friendly and nickel-free. When it comes to nose jewelry metals, 18k nickel-free gold is the best. So when buying online, always filter the results according to metal type for best results.

Diamond Size

Diamond nose studs or nose pins are becoming pretty popular and for all the right reasons. But if you don’t choose a diamond size that is perfect for your facial features and size, it may not look as good as you want it to be. So if you’re buying a diamond nose pin for a conservative setting, go with a 1.2mm diamond. While 1.6mm is the ideal diamond size one should look for, you can always consider going ahead with a 2mm diamond size if you have a slightly big or large-sized nose. You can check more options here.

Besides these points, always shop from a reliable retailer known for its customer support and quality jewelry pieces. 

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