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​Working from Home? Know These 5 Tips to Stay Productive

Read these 5 tips to stay productive and increase your productivity while working from home like How to manage your Time properly.


The pandemic has transformed our lives in more than one way. It has redefined the way we have been living all our lives. And thanks to the pandemic, a large population is either working from home or working remotely.

We must admit that after the lockdown rather ​than work from home was announced, we all were excited about not needing to travel to the workplace, working in the PJs, listening to our favorite songs even when working, taking tea and lunch breaks as required, and the most importantly taking a nap. But few months into the ‘new working culture,’ the reality has hit us hard. We have realized working from home is not as fascinating as it sounds. 


Well, we never knew when the boundaries between personal and work life have turned blurred, realizing there’s little or no personal life left. Not to forget the number of schedules we made to work only during the official working hours, we always worked long hours. And this has eventually led to stress, frustration, and less productivity.

Below is a list of tips Tips to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Have a Dedicated Workspace

No matter how much you decide to work on your desk, you find yourself lazily lounging on the sofa. It may sound cliche, but your workspace serves a great purpose when it comes to your productivity. We understand having an entire office setup is a little difficult, but having a separate office space with just a table and chair is possible.

A dedicated space will help you to stay focus and increase your productivity. Get rid of the unwanted ‘stuff’ from your table. Not just from your desk, even from your laptop, you use for working from home or your office laptop. All the devices must be de-cluttered at regular intervals.


While selecting a spot, ensure that the area has ample natural light and your desk is a clutter-free zone. If your desk space does not have enough natural light, you must get a table lamp or a targeted task light.

Follow a fixed schedule.

Establish a fixed schedule and follow it religiously. Make sure your schedule includes lunch and tea breaks and a long walk/ meditation break. It is natural to get lazy, but following a fixed schedule will help the creative juices flowing. While doing all this, make sure you keep track of your workload. Do not go overboard. If you feel pressured due to excess work, talk to your team leader or manager.

Even though working from home gives you the liberty to work in your PJs, but make sure you dress up at least twice or thrice a week to stay motivated. 


Invest in good laptops

The shift from traveling to the office for work to working from home was quite sudden. Most of us are used to working on old computers or laptops provided by the office. This shift has also affected our productivity. Most personal laptops fail to offer productivity and ergonomics levels, eventually having an impact on our productivity.

You may have to sit for long hours at a stretch, and hence it is important to invest in good laptops. If your budget does not allow buying a new laptop, you may even rent a laptop. Getting a laptop on rent in Mumbai or any other metropolitan city is not a challenge. There are numerous laptop rental service providers that provide laptops on lease or laptop on rent

Install software tools on your laptop that will help in better coordination with the team. Make sure your wi-fi router is reliable and offers good speed. You may even consider buying a good laptop stand, mechanical keyboard, mouse, and other accessories that will ease your work.

Socialising is important

Remember the good old times you used to make sudden coffee or pizza plans with your colleagues or friends? Working from home does not mean you stay disconnected from your colleagues and friends. Have virtual meetings and stay connected. You may even organize virtual parties once a week or fortnight. Such small get-togethers and celebrations will keep you energetic for days. 


Log off on time

Logging off on time is as important as logging in on time. You need to set boundaries. If you succeed to sign in and sign out on time, your productivity​ will definitely increase. When we say log off from work, it means logging off entirely from work. Avoid taking office calls and checking office e-mails after office hours (unless important).

And if any work comes up last minute, make sure you make a note of it and politely inform your reporting managers that you will be able to work on it tomorrow. Hope you love reading “Tips to Stay Productive”

It is important to have a work-life balance. Even though technological advancement may make it possible to be available 24*7, but that does not mean you have to be logged in for 24 hours.

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