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Too Much Oil in a Car: Symptoms & What to Do

It is a proven fact that many Automobiles would wear off without good lubrication and eventually break down. Recent data has revealed that 49% of car breakdown is a direct result of poor maintenance and lubrication. And many car owners dash into the nearest emergency locksmith due to poor or excessive lubrication.

Good lubrication with engine oil prevents your car’s engine from knocking; your car engine will function effectively with the right quantity of engine oil in it.

Although a good proportion of engine oil is beneficial for the proper functioning of your car’s engine, many persons are not aware that too much oil in a car can also cause damage to your automobile. 

Below are a few symptoms of excessive lubrication; 

  • The presence of blue exhaust smoke,
  • High oil pressure indication notification
  • An acrid smell of burning oil
  • Oil leakage
  • Your car does not start
  • Plug misfiring
  • Difficult acceleration of the engine
  • Noise while driving

At any of those signals, check your oil gauge for the fault. If the fault results from too much oil in your car, you should immediately rectify it following the process below:

  • If the engine of your car was on, switch it off immediately
  • Wait for about 3-6 minutes before checking the fuel level with the oil dipstick,
  • Drain out oil with a suction pump
  • Refill the right quantity of oil
  • Screw the oil cap

While trying to refix your oil, you could check out options such as; is there any automotive locksmith near me? You can even call out a passerby, “I need an emergency locomotive locksmith near me.” 

The Way Forward

Engine oil is important for your car, but too much engine oil can damage your car. Therefore, you must properly gauge your fuel tank to know the right quantity or checkout for the nearest automotive and emergency locksmith near me for proper guidance.

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