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Top 10 Vest Brands in India for Men

The last few years have witnessed many changes in the fashion industry. Earlier, a garment did not have many manifestations like the recent times. With people trying out newer dimensions of fashion and dressing up, there is a world unexplored that is being explored by people vehemently. Even the simplest of garments have been diversified into something better and more efficient. Following this route, many brands have specialized in making vests for men of different types, one for each purpose. 

Men wear this garment due to the amount of comfort they find after wearing it. We know how casual and comfortable clothing has become the mantra recently. To keep this process ongoing, new versions of the same outfits should come out for the betterment of the customers or people in general. The softness of a vest leads to a comfortable experience for anyone and everyone. This is the reason why people from all age groups wear a vest without any hesitation and nails that look like a boss. 

Types of Vests for Men

A sando for men has many modifications. Some of them might or might not be even known to a lot of people out there. Here is a brief list along with some details of the same. 

  1. Women Vest: These vests are mostly made out of wool. One can wear it as a top layer whenever they are going to an event, especially in the winter season. 
  2. Fur Vest: This is another type of vest that men could easily style in the winter season due to its fabric and warmth that is being provided by the garment. 
  3. Gym Vest: As the name suggests, these are used for workout purposes and people wear them to the gym. These are super comfortable and provide an ample amount of space in between the skin and the cloth to make it breathable. Therefore, a gym vest for men is a well-known type of vest. 
  4. Suit Vest: These are just like waistcoats but slightly different in style. If a person wants to indulge in some formal clothing, then this is the right pick for them. 
  5. Denim Vest: The fabric denim is well-known. People are known to use this fabric heavily in their day-to-day lifestyles. A denim vest can be styled on the top of many simple shirts or tees. The look it imparts is classy and very cool. 
  6. Tank Tops: One can call it a baniyan for men in India. People utilize this specific type of vest heavily and wear it as the innermost layer for any clothing. 
  7. Sleeveless Vest: These vests are sleeveless and widely utilized by people for gym wear and other places. One can easily wear one of these around the house to have a comfortable stay indoors.
  8. Athletic Vest: As the name speaks for itself, these types of vests are widely used for various sports purposes by sportsmen. It is designed in a way that soaks the right amount of sweat by keeping an individual cool or calm. 

Best Vest Brands in India for Men

Let’s look at some of the Vest Brands in India so that one can pair the same with men’s T-Shirts or otherwise. The list for the same is as follows: 

  1. Bewakoof
  2. XYXX
  3. Liberty 
  4. Lux Cozi
  5. Roadster 
  6. plusS
  7. The Souled Store
  8. Dollar
  9. Fruit of the loom
  10. BE AWARA

The above-mentioned brands have a tremendously good collection of vests. One can also buy T-Shirts for men from the online website of Bewakoof, India’s one of the best shopping brands. The Tribe Members of Bewakoof will get an additional discount on every product. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best deals ever, in India and make your vest collection better than before.

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