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Top 11 bathroom vanities trends

With these sleek and stylish surfaces and appliances, you can transform your bath into a peaceful refuge. These 11 trends will redefine the bathroom vanity world in 2021. From the minimalist floating layout to the raw industrial look. These ideas can help you design the bathroom to suit your tastes. Read below about 11 bathroom vanities trends in detail.

In other words, you should consider the overall color scheme and the kind of atmosphere you want to create before you choose the bathroom vanity color. Depending on the color, you might feel comfortable and relaxed, while others can make you feel assertive. Choosing the correct color for your vanity bathroom should therefore be carefully considered.

  1. Ebony, white and grey vanities
  2. Vanities of minimal style
  3. Vanities Wood Bathroom
  4. Open Regiments
  5. Floating bathroom vanities
  6. Elements of the industry
  7. Vanity Mirrored
  8. Sinks of the ship
  9. Submount sinks
  10. Sunk of marble and quartz
  11. Hardware brushed nickel
Top Bathroom Trends of 2020 - What Bathroom Styles Are In

1.   Ebony, white and grey vanities:

These hues are by far the most popular (and in this order). These hues are neutral in nearly any bathroom style and colour. So, white helps to increase the space, which is crucial if you have a restricted room. If you like ebony, consider a pale white countertop.

Importantly, these colors will be the test of time, and they will continue in a few years if you decide to re-paint the walls. So, other colors might be more challenging to decorate and make it more difficult in the future to sell your property.

When selecting vanity colors, paint colors, hardware, lighting, and mirrors, you should also bear in mind that the colder shades, like the greys and silver, are much more intelligent than warmer tones such as beiges, taupes, and gold. Make sure that all work together in harmony.

2.   Vanities of minimum style:

When it comes to vanity design in bathrooms, simplicity is always in trend. Smooth, clean shapes give the bathroom a spa-like elegance and keep the area fresh. So, select a modern vanity bathroom with minimum hardware, clean lines, and a basic, uncluttered counter.

3.   Vanities Wood Bathroom:

While the lightweight spa style in the bathroom is constantly in fashion, the natural components will be key trends in the vanity of the bathroom by 2021. So, reclaimed and unfinished woods provide organic bathroom appeal and natural tranquillity and are combined with bright enclosures, modern mirrors, and metal fittings.

4.   Open Regiments:

The usage of open shelves is another trend that we love in 2021. While bathroom supplies seem fabulous in plain view, an attractive layout on your vanity stools is easy to make.

Tap, lotion or shower items, or extra toilet paper rolls are stored in the shell as a storage room. For a further sense of flair, utilize the racks to show ornamental features such as vases and baskets. Most awesome bathroom vanities trends idea.

5.   Floating bathroom vanities:

Floating vanities are one of the most recent styles of the year 2021 to make a stylish, modern declaration. So, keep your looks very slender, with minimum white vanity or with textured finishes like cereal wood adds visual character.

6.   Elements of the industry:

While all the vogue is still in modern design, in the modern vanities wholesale of 2021, we can detect many industrial elements. Claimed wood, metal hardware, and irregular patterns ensure the bathroom remains timeless and trendy.

Inspire industrial washrooms by picking a vanity with a deep trough bowl or matching an industrial foundation with elegant marble and ceramic countertop, creating a beautiful contrast.

7.   Vanity Mirrored:

Mirrored finishing may help you create the illusion of a larger space, making this vanity style ideal for tiny or tight bathrooms. So, seek a vanity unit with drawers and door panels with modest mirrored features or create a spectacular statement with a reflected vanity.

8.   Sinks of the ship:

These have been growing for many years and may offer your bathroom a distinctive appeal. You commonly see sinks of stone vessels or surprising things combined. With this, you may genuinely make fun. So, vessel sinks are more common than full-size baths in powder rooms. They bring flair to space, and they are the center of attention. One of the best and cool bathroom vanities trends.

9. Submount sinks:

Sinks should be under mount, vessels or farmhouse style. The outdated over-assembled sinks appear antiquated and worse. So, the area seems new and renovated with under-mount sinks. You can clean it much more manageably.

10. Sunk of marble and quartz:

White marble or comparable quartz sinks, which seem light and brighter, are the most popular currently. Almost any vanity color appears to fit with this design. Marble (or quartz) is preferable to darker and busier granite. So, the marble has smoother patterns and gives more tranquility and spa quality to the surroundings.

Most people choose to avoid the marble lip (or backsplash) towards the rear. It looks more contemporary. However, that relies genuinely on the back wall. So, there is no need for the lip if you have a tile wall, as the tiles protect the walls. It’s the same with wainscoting. But you will be safer with the backsplash to protect the wall against water spilling on walls if your wall is bare and newly painted.

11. Hardware brushed nickel:

The best choice for hardware is by far brushed nickel (for vanities, mirrors, and light fixtures). The second choice is Chrome. So, the cooler tones, more common for vanity colors, tile flooring, and paint colors, are much better in these colors. And almost any hue they seem to go, so they’re timeless.


Purchase a vanity bathroom from large selections that meet all your needs! New bathroom vanities design is an excellent spot to start the making-up of your bathroom. Vanities, then, are the bathroom’s main feature and an excellent way to transform the look of a room very quickly. Vanity trends in bathrooms come and go like any other design trend. Above mentioned few trends for vanities in bathrooms that we predict will go up in popularity over the next few years.

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