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Top 5 Content Creation Hacks That Convert Readers to Buyers

The reality is that whether we’re creating content to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic, for SEO, or lead generation, the ultimate goal is to make money.

That is why 53% of marketers say creation is their top priority.

But the internet is awash with all types of content.

So how do we create unique content that converts readers to buyers?

Are there any hacks to create content that encourages people to buy?

If you agree that word is king but you’re wondering how to create that drives conversions then you’re in luck.

In this article, you’re going to learn five creation strategies to increase conversions when creating content or writing copy.

One of the best creation hacks to drive conversions is to create persuasive blog content.

According to the college paper writing service, when people come to your site, you have less than 15 seconds to capture their attention to your content.

Once you have grabbed their attention, your content should educate, entertain, and convince them enough so they can become paying customers.

Of course, not all posts you create will convert, but your priority should be to create high-converting article.

This article is going to teach you some practical article creation tips to drive more leads and conversions in a moment.

So without further ado, let’s get rolling.

5 Tips for Creating Content That Converts Readers to Buyers

Follow these practical tips to write marketing content that generate results:

1.   Research Your Audience

To create content that converts, you need to tailor your message based on your target audience’s needs and wants.

Often, content marketers get it wrong to think that they know what their target customers want.

This is a recipe for producing content that might not attract anyone.

As a rule, you want to ensure your content meets the needs of your audience.

Because you’re creating content to increase conversions, you want to know who you’re looking to convert.

Typically, content that converts needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Targeted to a specific audience;
  • Solves your target audience’s problem or pain point;
  • Valuable to your readers.

So first, take the time to know your target audience then develop buyer personas.

To know your audience in great detail, you’ll want to figure out the following:

  • What phrases they use when searching for information online.
  • What are their common problems or pain points?
  • What are their values?
  • What frustrates them?
  • What excites them?
  • Where do they spend most of their time?

You can only produce content that targets your specific audience once you know them in great detail.

The internet is a goldmine when it comes to researching your audience.

Below are some of the methods we’d recommend to help you know your readers better:

  • Scout forums relevant to your niche.
  • Research your keywords in Reddit, Quora, and Yahoo Answers.
  • Meet your target audience in-person by attending events in your niche.
  • Send out surveys.
  • Conduct interviews.
  • Pay attention to conversations relevant to your keywords on social media

2.   Find Content Ideas That Convert

The internet is awash with content ideas, but not all are proven to convert readers to buyers.

Because your priority is to create marketing content that drives conversions, then you need to find topics that generate great results.

You can get topic ideas from videos, online publications, articles, blog posts, infographics, and more.

The first place to look at when researching topic ideas that convert is your blog.

Take a look at your most popular blog posts- those with a ton of positive comments, social shares, likes, etc.

Below are some of the free ideas to find blog content ideas that convert:

Find content marketing ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms to get free ideas for blog posts and articles, discover recipes, inspirations, style home ideas, content marketing ideas, find keywords to add to your blog posts to boost SEO, etc.

How to find content ideas on Pinterest is simple. Just enter your keyword and see the results:


Pay attention to the most searched topic around the keyword you enter.

Use Reddit

Reddit has hundreds of groups called reddits that are formed based on a typology of content and domain of interest.

Whether you’re looking for ideas to create video, infographics, text, or any type of content, Reddit is the best place to go.

Discover trends and influencers on BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the best keyword research tools out there. You can search for popular topics based on number of links, total engagement, etc.

For instance, let’s search for the keyword “Affiliate marketing” on BuzzSumo and see the results.

The good news is that BuzzSumo offers lots of filters to help you deepen your topic analysis and discover more accurate results.

In the image above, you can see the pages with the highest engagement.

Look at discussions in Facebook groups

Social media is a great tool for businesses to get content ideas and reach prospects and customers.

You can join Facebook groups around your niche and discover trending topic discussions, tips, new insights, recommendations, etc.- all from specialists and amateurs alike.

Head over to a Facebook group in your industry and enter a keyword then see the results.

There are a ton of ways and free tools to find content ideas that convert out there.

Gather as many content ideas as possible around your topic then start developing content for your target audience.

3.   Craft Compelling Headlines

You’ve probably heard this several times- but your headlines are incredibly important that we can’t repeat this enough.

The average customer sees around 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages per day.

To get conversions your headline needs to grab the attention of your target readers right away.

It’s not 100% that people who read your article will convert, but your headlines can increase your article visibility and engagement.

There is some evidence to support this:

  • 8 out of 10 people who find your article or blog post may not read it if the headline isn’t captivating.
  • Besides, the headline can influence 73% of buying decisions. That means that your headline can convince people to buy your products or drive them away.

Given the impact, your headlines have on your click-through rate and traffic and conversion rates, it’s important to pay attention to how you craft them.

Below are some useful tips to help you write high-converting headlines:

Keep your headlines unique

You need to set yourself apart from the crowd by creating unique headlines.

Keep your headlines ultra-specific

Not all offers you have are suitable for all. Your headline should be clear about the article readers should expect so they can know whether it’s something interesting to them or not.

Use sensory power words in your headlines

Sensory power words are sometimes persuasive and irresistible. They evoke the senses and trigger the imagination of your readers.

Use emotional words in your headlines

Even though emotional headlines don’t work in all situations, using emotional phrases in your titles can trigger an emotional response.

Focus on the problem being solved

Perhaps this is self-explanatory but it’s worth elaborating. The point is that when someone comes across your headlines, they should be able to tell what problem your article is solving.

Include numbers in your headlines

A study by BuzzSumo has shown that numbers are a powerful ingredient to add to headlines. Headlines with numbers tend to generate more clicks and readers.

According to the study, number 10 is hands down the most popular.

Analyze your headlines

Use CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to analyze your headlines. It’s a free tool that analyzes headlines based on headline type, word balance, character length, sentiment, etc.

You just need to enter your headline onto the tool then press enter and the tool will analyze everything for you.

The good thing about this tool is that it provides a score and grade for your headlines together with handy suggestions for improvement.

4.   Focus on Helping

People read online article for various reasons. However, since you’re interested in converting them to buyers then you should produce content that provides value to your audience.

As stated above, a high-converting article focuses on solving people’s problems or pain points.

That’s why our first article creation tip was to know your audience.

Yes, you need to know your target audience’s problems so you can produce informative and useful content.

To produce content that’s helpful to your target audience focus on the following:

Teach your audience

Because you’re an expert in your niche, who else is the best teacher than yourself?

You can use the experience you’ve gained in your industry to educate your target audience.

This helps to build authority and trust. Use their language when teaching to make your content easy to understand.

Demonstrate your expertize

With too many experts in different niches out there, there are mountains of advice that sometimes can be conflicting. Show your expertise so your readers can build trust in you. Be consistent and thorough when producing content.

Solve a problem

You must have heard of the importance of solving a problem when it comes to increasing conversions.

To maximize value, provide actionable advice and steps that help your audience solve a problem or pain point they are having.

For instance, instead of selling them a pressure cooker, show them how to maintain it.

5.   Create Content Upgrades

Creating content upgrades helps to increase your lead generation. Content upgrades are created for lead magnet or opt-in purposes.

Make your content upgrades as compelling as possible though to acquire quality leads.

This will help you educate your readers while growing your subscriber list.

You can create content upgrades in the form of PDFs, eBooks, blog templates, power words, cheatsheets, checklists, headline hacks, etc.

Remember that creating content upgrades is just half the battle. You need to sell them to your audience- persuade them to give you their email address to download your content.

The surefire way of getting people to enter their emails to download you offer to assure them of the value they’ll get when they download your content upgrades.

Brian Dean of Backlinko used content upgrades to increase conversions by 785%.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: five creation hacks that are proven to convert readers to buyers.

Even though how to increase website conversion is no easy task, when you follow the tips shared above, you’ll achieve it.

The good news is that you can tweak the content you already have on your site.

Remember to promote and distribute your content across multiple platforms so you can reach a wide audience.

Did we miss anything you think should be covered around this topic?

How do you create content that converts?

Please, let’s know that in the comment section below!

If you found this article informative and useful, please share it on social media to help others as well.

“Top 5 Content Creation Hacks That Convert Readers to Buyers”

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Top 5 Content Creation Hacks That Convert Readers to Buyers

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