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Top 7 Most Beautiful Rakhis For Your Brother

“There is no greater love than the love for your brother.” A brother’s love is the best kind of love. “- Astrid alauda Read about Beautiful Rakhis For Brother below in detail.

Raksha Bandhan does not only focus on receiving but also involves giving and passing on the love to your brother. It is a traditional way to strengthen the brother-sister bond. Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is about celebrating this special bond with a sacred thread called Rakhi that binds the siblings together forever. 

Rakhi is traditionally celebrated in August. However, sisters are eager to find a brother rakhi to celebrate this special day. While some people like to create beautiful rakhi at their homes, others prefer to go to Rakhi exhibitions or the markets to find beautiful rakhis for their brothers. Many online gift shops offer beautiful, high-quality rakhi for brothers. These are the most beautiful rakhi 2021.

Zardozi Rakhi

This rakhi adds a touch of royalty to Rakhi celebrations with its rich-quality zardozi silk strings. This rakhi is stunning because of its intricate designs that give it a luxurious, shimmery appeal. It is one of the most sought-after rakhis. Zardozi is a combination of two Persian words, zar or Zarin which means ‘gold’ and Dozi which means’sewing’. This makes the Rakhi just as valuable as its embroidery work.

Kundan Rakhi

Your brother should be tied with a Kundan rakhi if he is as precious as the gems. Kundan rakhi is a special type of gem setting that uses a gold foil between stones and their mount. The illustrious Kundan dates back to the 3rd Century BCE. To make the Rakhi celebrations even more special, he was incorporated into a Rakhi type.

Personalised Rakhi

Personalization is becoming the new trendy thing. Every token of love gets personalized every now and again. A rakhi is the best gift that can be passed from one sister to another. A personalized rakhi, just like other personalized gifts, has been blessed with an intimate touch that leaves a lasting impression on the brother’s mind.

Metallic Rakhi

A metallic rakhi can raise your brother’s swag factor. It is strong, durable, and hardy just like your brother. That beautiful metallic rakhi will shine brightly on your brother’s life, both personal and professional. Just as a strong, metallic chemical bond is irreparable, so too should your brother-sister bond.

Peacock Rakhi

According to age-old Indian traditions, the peacock is a bird that protects and secures. This thought has become a well-known rakhi. A peacock rakhi is one of the most beautiful rakhi types, as the purpose of tying Raksha sutras on brothers’ wrists revolves around their safety and well-being.

Divine Rakhi

People worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna on the day of Rakhi. A divine rakhi is a perfect way to celebrate this festival in a most religious manner. The Almighty will protect your brother from any evil. This is why divine rakhis are so beautiful.

Pearl Rakhi

A pearl rakhi is like a girl’s best friend. It is simple and yet so beautiful. It can even be worn every day as a timeless piece of jewelry, unlike other types of rakhis. These pearl rakhi are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

If you want to hold on to the deep-rooted traditions and customs associated with Raksha Bandhan, you could send traditional rakhis to your beloved brother and even buy rakhi online. If you have an elder brother, these rakhis will surely enable him to relish the traditional glory of this momentous occasion.

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