Top CBD Cream Brands for Treating Pain

CBD items are famous for treating different people in different ways. In some people, it helps in overcoming physical problems such as arthritis and body pain. While in others, it assists with mental illnesses such as depression, and insomnia. People are learning the perks of consuming it and are even giving it to their pets to help them cope with their share of problems.

The popularity of products infused with CBD is increasing at a swift pace. From young to older people, everyone has made CBD gummies a part of their daily lives. They consume a certain amount of it every day to live better, healthier, and longer.

Items made from CBD flower gives relief from muscle ache and assist with sleep. If you’re here for finding the best topical CBD provider, you’re at the right place! Here we’ll accustom you to several companies selling CBD creams for treating pain.

Popular Brands Providing Topical CBD For Overcoming Pain:

Verma Farms

The first and number one on our list is topical cream from Verma Farms. It assists athletes and older people with muscle pain and spasms. Its chief ingredient is obtained from hemp produced in the USA through organic and pesticide-free practices. The best thing is their cream has two types: Tropical CBD lotion and Mahalo Muscle Relief.

The brand uses sunflower seeds, organic aloe, and hemp seeds for inflammation. While Mahalo Muscle Relief cream is available in the 200mg size, Tropical CBD Lotion is in the 100mg size. If you want an intelligent solution that is also very easy to use, Verma Farms has set the bar too high. This brand really forms great creams and gummies.


Next on our list of pain-relieving products is Penguin, a brand new addition to the CBD world. Although it currently has a small market share, it has still managed to build itself a reputation in the market. If you prefer a brand that uses organic hemp and an authentic extraction method, look nowhere else.

This cream by Penguin is made from natural ingredients and t has a calming fragrance of peppermint and lavender, which is relaxing. Thankfully, it is available in different sizes, so you can purchase a smaller pack to find out if it suits you.

R+R Medicinals

With assistance from several people in the medical field, this brand has built a cream that works wonders! The hemp certified by USDA Organic and Co2 extraction yields eight cannabinoids in their product! Besides, they use jojoba oil, MSM, and Arnica Montana, which helps make their cream simple yet effective.

There has been a sudden surge in demand for CBD and Delta 8 items because of an increase in mental illness cases. Once, people even refused to consider it a problem, but today, they are willing to treat it. However, the cost involved in their treatment is relatively high, so they are moving towards an affordable and effective CBD alternative.

After learning about the benefits of using CBD topically, we hope you are convinced to buy it.

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