Top Rated Movers in Palm Beach Gardens.

Jensen Moving & Storage has been the state’s most trusted moving and storage company for over four decades, whether you are planning a relocation into or out of Florida. We have been ensuring the safe handling of people’s things in residential and commercial relocation since 1972. While there are dozens of different moving companies in Palm Beach Gardens, there are several reasons why our firm has earned and retained lifetime clientele.


When it comes to local or nationwide moving services, our 40+ years of experience and knowledge should be two of the most important factors to consider. We want you to have the best moving experience possible and to be able to spend more time with your family without the stress and concern that comes with relocating. And we have lots of choices to make sure you can do so.

So, what does all of this imply for you? It means having peace of mind knowing you’re working with a respected Local Palm Beach Gardens moving company and that you’ll get the following benefits:

Our satisfaction guarantee ensures a high level of customer service.

Moving and storage costs that are competitively priced

Price quotations that are honest and upfront, with no surprises (hidden fees, mile expenses, or post-moving costs)

Unparalleled attention to detail and safety when packing, loading, transporting, and unloading your home or business goods.

For both residential and commercial transfers, our Jensen Moving & Storage Moving and storage professionals are completely insured and licensed. Furthermore, they have been educated and schooled in all facets of the sector, including driving our cutting-edge vehicles. The heat and humidity of Florida are no match for our air-conditioned, insulated vehicles. We also provide climate-controlled storage facilities in Palm Beach Gardens with police alarms and fire sprinkler systems.


We are proud of the wide range of moving and storage services we now provide. While it may seem a little arrogant, we are the Local Palm Beach Gardens moving business that others attempt to imitate. While knowledge and skill are vital (as mentioned above), our comprehensive range of services distinguishes us from other moving and storage firms. Among these services are:

As your Palm Beach Gardens movers, COMMERCIAL MOVING will preserve your office equipment, furniture, and other valuables. Our commercial moving packages have been designed so that they may be customized to match your budget and decrease the amount of downtime you encounter.


Jensen Moving & Storage can handle any local or national moving needs you may have. We have over 40 years of experience and skill in the moving and storage market. You’ll be able to unwind and spend more time with your family while we take care of everything.


Do any of your products qualify as fine art or sculpture? Do you have a classic, sports, or antique automobile that needs to be relocated? We can arrange for covered trailers to carry such high-value products.


While all of our residential and business moves are completely insured, there are some goods for which you may want to consider getting additional coverage. This includes the higher-priced things described before.


Nothing is more frustrating than stepping into your new house or workplace for the first time and seeing that the previous owners or occupants left the place in disarray and chaos. Jensen Moving & Storage has worked with a recognized cleaning and restoration firm to prevent this from happening to you.


Our quick, high-quality packing and unpacking services will ensure the safe transit and delivery of personal things on all residential and business removals, regardless of the items you have. Our experienced packing procedures safely protect all products.


If your belongings arrive before you, we provide climate-controlled storage in Palm Beach Gardens fire and police protected facilities. These are available for two days or forever, depending on your need.

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