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Total and Asian Total: Difference Between These bets and How they are Calculated in soccer

Let’s explain with examples how the regular total differs from the Asian total. Read about Total vs Asian Total Bets in detail below.

Asian total consists of two regular totals. But the calculations have their own nuances. In this article we will tell you how regular total differs from the Asian total, give examples of how to calculate these bets and tell about typical misconceptions of players.

What is the usual and Asian total in betting

Total is the number of events in the match. For example, goals, yellow cards, corners, points, games, assists and so on.

The usual total is presented in the lines of bookmakers’ offices as whole or half values. For example, the total is more than 2 or less than 3.5.

When betting on the half total the bet can win or lose.

When betting on the whole total possible return. When the selected number coincides with the outcome of the match.

In the Asian total bet on the quarter values. For example, more than 1.75 or less than 2.25.

When betting on the Asian total, the bet amount is divided into two equal parts between the neighboring regular totals. This is the difference between the Asian total and the normal.

Asian total in a parlay

If there is one bet on the Asian total in the parlay, it is divided into two parts.

As an example, let’s take a bet on TM 2.25. Half of the parlay amount will be calculated with an outcome on TM 2, and the second half with a choice on TM 2.5.

For instance, if you bet 1000 rubles on a parlay with three events: the home team wins, a draw and the underdog selection (referring to the odds table).

The express will be divided into two halves of 500 rubles each:

Home team victory, Draw and TM 2,

Home win, Draw and Under 2.5.

Suppose the first two bets of the parlay are played and a couple of goals are scored in the third match.

Then the half with TM 2.5 has come in full. Parlay with TM 2 wins partially, as the bet on the Asian total is calculated with odds 1.00.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Asian total compared to the conventional one.

This type of betting saves you time. You do not need to make two different bets and think how to split the amounts. The bookmaker does this automatically.

There is a misconception that betting on the Asian total gives you room to maneuver or extra insurance. It doesn’t.

You can bet on two normal neighboring totals. The margins and calculation options will be the same.

source: Liontips

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