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Tournaments at an online casino

Online casino tournaments for blackjack, roulette, solitaire, caribbean poker and slots are regularly organized by the gambling sites. , foxz168 is always  the first priority to play online and betting on games. Read about Tournaments at an online casino below.

Weekly or even daily exciting competitions are devised for players, a tournament in which they compete for a prize that is predetermined. These tournaments are for different types of games and are played by a large number of players.

Blackjack tournaments

Live blackjack tournaments are regularly held on gambling sites, you can participate in these competitions between certain times. In blackjack tournaments it is often the case that the players with the highest score are the winners, these comps points can be earned by playing a lot, often the first five spots are paid and the prize pool can reach thousands of euros.

Slots Competitions

Slots tournaments from gambling sites start daily. Every month you can participate in about fifty casino tournaments. Slots competitions are usually held here with a certain theme so that you can choose from, for example, three different slot games. Usually you have to play a minimum number of rounds to qualify. Then the participant with the highest payout is declared the winner. In addition to the prize money, you also have a chance to win the jackpot of the relevant game during a slots tournament.

Caribbean poker, solitaire and roulette tournaments

Many betting sites regularly host various competitions for roulette, caribbean poker and solitaire tournaments. There are sometimes large sums of money and luxury items to be won, a top prize of 2500 Euro is not unusual. Here too, the prize money is divided among some of the best players. Some matches last a few days, so make sure you’re available to play through the entire tournament.

Choose a casino here and view the tournaments

There are different constructions for the payment of the prize money. A widely used system is the distribution system. The total prize money is divided among the top players of the tournament. For example, if there is 2000 Euro in the prize pool, the winner will receive 1250 Euro, the second place receives 500 Euro, the third place receives 250 Euro and so on. In this way the chance of winning is much greater. Participating in such competitions is of course very exciting, it is also true that you get more fun for your deposit and have a chance to win great prizes.

When you are going to play in an online tournament, it is also important to pay attention to which time zone the match will be played in. Some casinos are written in Dutch, but the casino operates worldwide, so it is possible that a tournament starts at, for example, 3 o’clock in the morning. So keep this in mind before you register.

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