Why Toxin Rid Works Better Than Detox Drink – Toxin Rid vs Detox Drink

Toxin Rid vs Detox Drink

To pass a urine prep, you must have a zero or very low concentration (below the cutoff rate of the test) in your urine. Every method of passing a drug test – detox drinks, kits, even synthetic urine – takes that into account. Read about Toxin Rid vs Detox Drink below.

The substance that takes the longest to get out of our system is THC (found in marijuana). The best detox method would be to remove as much THC from our body as possible before a drug test.

Detox drinks, for example, don’t. What they do, and why they can’t measure up to the toxin rid 10 day detox reviews is dilute urine. This dilution is expected to be sufficient for the THC concentration in urine to drop below 20 ng / ml or the cut-off rate for a drug test. In many cases, detox drinks just aren’t enough.

True Advantage Toxin Rid provides

The reason that Toxin Rid was initially such a great sensation is that it could actually increase THC removal. The trio formula of pre-elimination pills, liquid, and dietary fiber containing Toxin Rid can speed up your metabolism.

This means that more toxins will be removed in a shorter period of time; therefore, Toxin Rid (removes toxins faster).

The real benefit that Toxin Rid brings is the elimination of multiple channels. This may seem complicated, but it is very easy to understand. For example, THC is removed from your system through:

Stools In fact, more than 60% of all the THC in our system is eliminated through the feces.

Urine. We generally think that most of the THC is excreted in the urine. Actually only approx. 20% to 30% of THC through the kidneys and is eliminated through urination.

Sweat. A small percentage of THC sweats; Therefore, it is natural that the THC detox includes going to the sauna.

Most detox kits only increase urination. Toxin Rid sets, on the other hand, take into account the fact that stool production and therefore elimination is the most important part of the THC detox. The formula of Toxin Rid increases the elimination of THC mainly through the feces and, secondly, through the urine. Now that we know why Toxin Rid works so well, let’s see how it does it.

How the toxin removal kit increases metabolism; the composition of the set To understand how the increase in metabolism is achieved, we must look at the kits.

Each Toxin Rid set comes with 3 special products:

Pre-elimination pills (the most important part; increases stool elimination, can even cause diarrhea). Detox liquid (similar to detox drinks, it is more concentrated / powerful). Dietary fiber (these absorb the remaining THC in your body in the small intestine during a drug test).

The only difference between the Toxin Rid kits is the number of pills that are previously disposed of. For example, the more powerful 10-day Toxin Rid kit offers a total of 150 pills. You need to take 15 pills a day and it takes 10 days for a complete detox. The 1-day Toxin Rid set, on the other hand, only takes 1 day, so it comes with 15 pills. These pre-elimination pills are vital components.

Stools increase, which in turn causes you to go to the bathroom much more and can even cause diarrhea. In the end, even the diarrhea is worth it; you can really catch the pre-elimination pills that work. The detox fluid is taken on the day of the drug test to dilute the urine (helpful). Similarly, dietary fiber is taken 1 hour before the drug test to remove all remaining THC from the urine (traps it in the small intestine and colon).

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