The Best 5 Toy Weapons Collection, Price And Review 2021

Kids love to play video games and see action, superhero movies. Read about the “Toy Weapons Collection” that kids love a lot in 2021.


Kids love toy weapons. If it is related to a superhero character or a popular video game, say no more. Kids love to play video games and see action, superhero movies. They want to look like the character they love, like becoming a spider-man, batman, etc.

 They want to wear the same costume, use the same weapon. And boys are not the only ones; now girls also like to play as a superhero. If they get their superhero toys and stuff, they become pleased. Their happiness illuminates the house. And every parent wants a smile on their kid’s face.


Toys not only make them happy but also help them interact with other kids, family members. It can also remove video game addiction and increase outdoor activities. It is good for your kid’s health.

Toy Weapons Collection

Now in this global pandemic, kids cannot go outside, meet with their friends, and play with them. They are stuck in the house 24/7. They play video games in the same position for 5 to 6 hours, which is very bad for their health. Instead, playing with toys and moving their body is better. To remove their boredom, loneliness playing with kids’ spending time is the best thing to do.

But there are a lot of toy weapons. Which one should I buy?

In this article, we are going to recommend 5 toy weapons with details. I hope you like it.

The Adventure Guys Laser Tag Set – Deluxe Edition

This laser tag set comes with 4 laser guns and 1 beetle bug, which is called BitsyBot. You will also get the custom-built designer case, which makes the toys look cooler. Each gun uses 4 AA batteries, and the beetle bug is charged via USB.

It’s a great toy to play with your family members, friends, and cousins. From a single player to up to 4 people can play it. Can increase the number of players by adding more sets of this. You can use it indoors and outdoor.

You will get 4 premium quality laser guns. That can shot the target up to 150 feet away. These guys have hit indicators built in them, so you don’t need to wear any vests to register the hit. These guns have 4 modes Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun, and Rocket Launcher.


BitsyBot is the small beetle bug that will run on the floor to escape from the aim shots. It will flip and move its leg if you hit it, again it will flip back and start moving. It can be used to improve aim shots and as a bonus point in a match.

The custom-built design case makes it easier to carry the set anywhere. The suitcase makes it easier to find and put them together.

Nerf Captain America Assembler Gear

Captain America

It’s a Captain America-inspired Nerf gun. It comes with a Captain America shield, 2 connectors, and 3 darts.

Captain America was the first Marvel character to appear in the media. And it has won not only kids but also many adults heart too. It will be an awesome gift for those kids who loves Marvel characters or Captain America. 

This Nerf gun can be used as a shield and a gun. Assemble all the parts and kill the bad guys with the gun and use the shield to protect yourself. It can be used with your or kids captain America costume.

You can customize it with other gear sets though you have to buy each set separately. There are more than 100 combinations. You can also buy extra darts separately.

Minecraft Sword

Minecraft Sword

Minecraft is a popular video game among all kinds of people of different ages. From farming ingredients to crafting weapons, vests, making houses, statues, you can do so many things in that game. There is no end.

For all Minecraft lover kids, it will be a perfect toy. Now they can use the sword in-game as well as in real life too. It will go perfectly with their Minecraft costume. It’s very lightweight, so it will be easier to swing around and play with it.


They can fight all the mobs with this sword and experience Minecraft in real life.

Marvel’s Stormbreaker Electronic Axe

Toy Weapons Collection

Another one. It’s also inspired by the movie Avengers: Infinity War. It’s Thor’s new weapon called Stormbreaker.

Marvel movie lovers or those who love Thor will bring a smile to their faces. There are sound effects. There is a leaf-shaped button. Push it, and you will hear thunder and storm sound. It will make your kid feel like summoning Thor’s power.

If your kid already has the hammer, then give the ax as his/her next present. Your kid will have the hammer and the ax, while Thor only has the ax. It will also go well with the Thor costume. It’s tiny. Kids from age 5 to up will love it.

It’s very well made with great details.

Digital Shooting Targets with Foam Dart Toy Shooting Blaster

Digital Shooting Targets with Foam Dart Toy Shooting Blaster - Toy Weapons Collection

Narf has become popular among kids and adults because of its cool toy weapons. This toy comes with 1 shooting target gallery, 1 foam dart gun, 1 foam darts clip, and 12 foam darts.

Your kids can practice their aim shots in that thing. They can also compete with their friends or family members who can hit most of the target. It’s an enjoyable toy for kids.

The shooting gallery has a digital scoreboard that shows the number of times you had hit the target. After 2-3 seconds, the targets get back to the position when you take down all the targets—no need to bother with movement.

There are also explosion and glass-breaking sound effects. Whenever you hit a target, it plays those sounds. It uses AA batteries. Here are more toys and anime action figures you can check.

Some final words

Kids are supposed to play outside, run, laugh, and make memorable childhood moments with others. Not just sitting in a room and play video games. Playing video games is not bad but playing only video games is not something good.

To involve kids with other activities, toys can be helpful here. It will improve their communication skills, make good relationships, and raise their confidence level while working with other people. Hope you love reading “Toy Weapons Collection”

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