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Travel Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Perhaps, you have developed a new hobby and plan to travel to new places across the country and the globe. For many, travelling is rather a passion. You may perhaps never have opted for a travel insurance before or even knew about its existence. You need to be aware of the basics, know what is travel insurance all about, how it works, etc. Only then can you derive the optimum from your coverage. 

Know more about Travel Insurance

This type of insurance is rather a plan that you need to purchase to protect yourself from unpredictable financial losses and risks that might occur while travelling. You might experience minor issues like delayed suitcase. It can also be some medical emergency overseas or last-minute trip cancellation. 

Besides deriving financial protection, this type of insurance also provides quick access to various types of assistance services, irrespective of your location. You will get prompt support form elite team of medical and travel experts who will arrange emergency medical treatments, serve as interpreters, monitor your care and help replace lost passports, etc. At times, they are also found to save travellers’ precious lives. 

What other things should you be aware of?

  • Remember, this type of insurance quite a specialized one and not designed to provide coverage to all possible situations. Rather it covers just specific situations, losses and events included within your travel plan documents. Moreover, the circumstance should match perfectly the insurance company’s described conditions. 
  • Benefits offered tend to vary by plan. Hence, select a plan that perfectly fits your requirements, travel plans and budget set. 
  • Most unforeseeable events are covered under such plans. But it does not include those things that can be seen coming easily or those well within your control. For instance, you had waited for quite some time to purchase a travel insurance for the beach trip. You might have taken this action only after a hurricane moving towards your destination’s direction is announced by the weather officials. This will mean, the insurance company will not cover your losses. 

How it works?

The travel insurance company is found to provide reimbursements in majority of the scenarios for covered financial losses. But to avail this amount, you need to fill up your claims properly and correctly and submit it to the insurance office either online or offline.

On approval of the claim, you get your reimbursements. Once the claim is filed, this means, you are submitting valid proof of the losses faced during the trip. The company officials will then verify the unfortunate event and if found genuine will reimburse quickly for covered losses. 

What about real-life scenario? For example, you purchase a plan that comes with trip cancellation benefits. This will protect your cruise trip in the Mediterranean. It could be that you have experienced chest pain accompanied with high fever just two days before you depart for the intended destination.

You may be diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. Your doctor may advise you to take proper bed rest and cancel the trip. Without valid travel insurance, you stand to lose your money since the cruise liner company will not make any refund on late cancellation.

But the reputed travel insurance company will consider disabling, serious illness certified by an authorized doctor to be a valid reason to cancel the trip. This means, with a valid and properly covered insurance plan, even non-refundable trip costs can be claimed effortlessly. You just need to submit the essential documents like cruise line and airfare receipts and submit them along with the appropriately filled up claim form.

On approval the reimbursement amount will be deposited to your bank account that you had mentioned in the claim form. 

The process might even function a bit differently. Some well-established insurance companies are known to make upfront payments to cover emergency transportation or medical treatment while travelling overseas. Some higher plans even enable you to get fixed per day payments to cover travel or baggage delay. Moreover, purchase receipts may not be required. You may just need to submit proof of covered delay.

Are travellers holding valid travel insurance plan eligible for claims for cancellations made due to Covid-19 issues?

It could be that you have contracted the dreadful Covid-19 while travelling. Fortunately, reputed companies like Care Travel Insurance have come up with travel insurance plans that that include Covid-19 related covered reasons. However, benefits offered are likely to vary by plan. You just need to go through the details of each plan offered and find out which one suits your specific needs.

In case, you feel overwhelmed, you can discuss with the company agents who are quite helpful and can guide you to make the right selection. But do remember to read the terms & conditions, restrictions and other aspects mentioned in the plan to ensure enjoying your travel and stay covered.

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