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Trekking is feasible in all seasons, it’s just that you need to know which trek to take in which season. And here comes the monsoon treks that are mesmerizing in their own way. Although the monsoon rains do not affect the western heights of the Himalayas much, it is suggested to carry enough rain gear. Monsoon comes after a leap of summer that concludes the winter in the mountains, thus the alpine lakes are sighted in their vibrant appearance and the hidden colors of the mountains become visible.

Valley of Flowers Trek

The trail to the Valley of Flowers is a moderate one with smearing struggles that are manageable. All the pain taken to climb a relatively steeper height turns into pleasure when you are exposed to the alluring scent of the endemic flowers that pervade throughout the valley. All you wonder is the experience is a result of your own endeavor which makes you feel satisfied. The site is certified by UNESCO and categorized under World Heritage Site. It takes 2 days to reach the 12,000 ft. high valley and to explore deeper you discover the source of the Pushpawati River. Perching there to extract the tranquillity you never feel like leaving the place. On your return, you get to explore the Hemkund Sahib trail as it lies on the way to the Valley of Flowers.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The excitement begins at Srinagar, with a drive to Sonamarg base camp on the first day. As the name suggests, the 8 days trek brings you across 7 alpine lakes in their pristine beauty untapped by human activities. By the 6th day, you cross the highest point that is Gadsar pass at 13750 ft. above sea level. Being contented after achieving the peak for the next 2 days your trail keeps on surprising you with the enchanting water bodies accumulating themselves at one place after gliding down from the terrific alpines. In the breath-taking abode of the mountain ridges, you find solace.

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Beas Kund Trek

The trek is not only about reaching the peak, but finding out the source of the stream you have been following throughout the trail. The destination of this trek takes you to the source of river Beas and fulfills the curiosity that traversed with you throughout the hike. The summit that is surfaced at an elevation of 12,772 ft. bestows you with a panoramic delight of a number of Himalayan peaks around. Beginning from Manali this easy to moderate 4 days trek is an escape from reality and a dive into Alpine habitation.

Markha Valley Trek

Popularly yearned because of its rain shadow creation which is apparently the most accessible amongst all the trek, though rain shadow is a common phenomenon during the monsoon treks in the Himalayas. Slightly higher than the usual treks, it demands its seekers to reach an elevation of 17,060 ft. Begins from the Chilling village of the Ladakh region. The route is guided by the Markha river, which is a tributary of the Zanskar river. Markha river is no less scenic than the Zanskar. The trail is not just any normal incline to the Himalayas but a blend of Tibetan culture and genial Ladakhi inhabitants, who make your trail less challenging.

Hampta Pass Trek

An escape from the busy civilized life you come closer to a habitation that reminds you of the nomadic life you once read about in your history books. The summit to 14,010 ft. above sea level is a monsoon trek because the area receives heavy snowfall during the winter season. 5 days of ravishing trail tasting the mountainous culture mixing with the alpine vegetation and wildlife. An easy trek and the challenges posed during this trek are attainable only if you think that you are physically active. Brave through the glacial streams and you will be content after crossing it. Along the stream of Rani Nalah, you camp to spend the night at Chika, the first campsite, and you realize the magical night sky above that monitors you. A drive from Manali to Jobra enables you to start the trek and there the exhilaration begins.

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