5 Trends In Cotton Shirt, That Are Worth Having Long Run

Cotton Shirt

Cotton is a fabric preferred by the entire generation, especially when looking for comfort with fashion. Whatever your fashion choice is, the versatile cotton fabric is there to convert into anything that will match your fashion choice and ensemble. People have found the joy and pleasure of wearing cotton clothes, and the trend continues in the modern world.   

Cotton is considered the most comfortable material and is a perfect amalgamation of fashion and comfort when it comes to shirts. The material can be used for any styling, which only enhances the entire look of the person but anything else. These qualities of cotton shirts are drafting people from the old and boring synthetic shirts. 

Feranoid is a leading clothing brand that showcases and offers the best fashion in the most elusive way. With a wide range of shirts, they cover every fashion trend by being up-to-date with the latest trends and styles. From floral to plain, embroidered to colourful, their cotton shirts collection covers everything a must in a closet. 

With the ever-changing fashion in which we have to change our entire clothes as the season ends, having clothes that never go out of style is a must. Something that you can wear for years and never gets outdated, and when it comes to shirts, you have to be very picky. Feranoid will share trends in cotton shirts that will never go out of the movement and can be used in the long run. 

Floral Shirts 

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Buy the best floral shirts from Feranoid and show your tremendous charisma and presence. 

Floral shirts are the most liked variety of shirts that people can wear on any occasion, whether a party, brunch or any function. Floral shirts are very stylish and come in every colour and trendy design. Very similar to Hawaiian shirts, they capture the fabulous and classy spirit of fashion subtly.

Tone your floral shirt with a pair of jeans or pants with some subtle colour to enhance the look even more gracefully. It can be worn up or down with a plain t-shirt that gives a variety of options for buying this. 

Style it with a pair of chinos, shoes and a suede bomber to make the best party appearance. 

Plain Shirts

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A plain shirt is something essential for every wardrobe, either men or women. It comes in every hues of red, orange, blue, white, pink, black, yellow, green and makes it ideal for any occasion, meetings and formal events. Plain shirts are popular, and their fashion never fades away, making their purchase worth it for the long run. 

Half-sleeved or full- sleeved Plain shirts can be coupled with pants, jeans, straight trousers and even chinos, and every look is distinctive yet fashionable.  

White Shirts


Don’t ever think white is a dull and monotonous colour that doesn’t suit any special event or can’t fit in the daily wear wardrobe section. A white cotton shirt always gives a luxury statement and a symbol of class and wealth for one who wears it. There is rarely a person who doesn’t have a white shirt in the collection as it is a must in your regular or party wear. 

White shirts never go out of style, and that’s why they can be used in the long run. Feranoid has come up with the latest range of white shirts with various styles and materials to choose from and add to your cluster by keeping this thought in mind. 

Hand blocked Shirts

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Hand block prints were popular since the medieval period and have gained popularity once again among youngsters. Block print is an ancient textile method that is used for creating trendy and fancy shirts. The fabric is carved manually with beautiful designs that cover the material in an appealing way that people love the most about hand blocked shirts. Hand block prints never go out of style and are durable as well. 

The printing is done with eco-friendly dyes, which makes it safe to wear. Feranoid excels in making the best hand blocked shirts for men and women that will compliment your wardrobe whenever someone will see it. 

Embroidery Shirts 

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Embroidery shirts give a unique and aesthetic appeal, which is why both men and women like them. By highlighting embroidery using colourful threads, you can replace the old and boring fashion style and bring new trends to your wardrobe. There is nary a person who will not love embroidery shirts or have one in their closet. 

So here we represent the most common yet evergreen trends in cotton shirts that every man must have in his wardrobe. Feranoid helps each individual to pick out the best fashion wear of their choice because we know that every person is one of their own kind.  

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