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Turbochargers: The Basics – Everything You Must Know About It

A turbocharger helps boost the internal combustion engine performance. Read about “Turbochargers: The Basics” to understand everything.


Turbochargers are standard these days for gasoline and diesel engines. However, not all vehicle owners know what a turbocharger is and what features can improve their driving experience. If you are thinking of buying gcg turbos, this article will help you know how they work and how to maintain them in the best way possible. 

How Do Turbochargers Work?

A turbocharger helps boost the internal combustion engine performance. An engine acquires its power from fuel-air mixture combustion. So, it makes sense that when the engine gets a different mixture, the performance increases. 

Often, there will be an additional cylinder or an increase in cylinder volume for greater cubic capacity. It is possible to accomplish the same process by adding more air into the cylinders. This is where the turbocharger works its job. 

An engine that has no turbocharger will draw in the fresh air and direct it into the process of combustion. On the other hand, an engine with a turbocharger will use the exhaust air, ensuring a high engine performance with better emission levels and lower fuel consumption. 

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Turbos comprise a compressor and an exhaust gas turbine. The flow of gas is usually from the outside going inside the turbine but flows outside from the inside of the compressor. The exhaust air is increased via the turbine, directing it into the compressor. As the name suggests, the air is compressed in the air compressor. 

Afterward, the compressed air passes through the air cooler for added coolness. This is a vital process to improve engine performance and lower emissions. Next, the air goes inside the cylinders and drives the pistons, along with the injected fuel. The result is an increase in acceleration. 

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What Is a Twin Turbo?

You can find many engines that use turbochargers, not in a big turbo, but two turbos, sharing the exhaust flow of the cylinders. The two turbochargers are smaller with lower mass inertia. 

A big turbocharger requires more energy and a higher engine speed in order to generate an efficient boost pressure. But, with two turbochargers, they are capable of producing adequate compressed air at lower speeds. What’s more, these dual turbos can give sufficient power while at high speed.

How to Drive a Vehicle with a Turbocharger

A turbocharger often gets exposure to extremely high temperatures, considering that it utilizes the energy from the exhaust gas. A traditional gasoline engine can reach up to 1,000 degrees hot. 

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So, if you park your vehicle after a long drive throughout the day, the engine compartment can build up heat afterward. This transpires because the turbo cannot adjust quickly to the sudden absence of wind. As a result, this can reduce the life expectancy of the turbocharger. 

For that reason, it is best to avoid extreme and sudden changes in temperature. If you drive for a long time on the highway, do not park your vehicle right away. Drive a bit slower before parking once you are out of the motorway.  This gives the turbo enough time to adjust to the high temperature. Note that it is also advisable to warm the gcg turbos you install and the engine before accelerating at the beginning of your ride. 

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Your turbos can last a long time, but they usually follow the life of the car engine, which means you should not replace them before you change your engine. But, considering their duration depends on various factors, you may change your turbo whenever necessary. 

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