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Different Types of Mattress Protectors – Which One Should I Buy?

You spent 33% of your life in bed, so picking the right protector is necessary. Read about Types of Mattress Protectors and decide.


When purchasing a mattress or pillow protector, there are a couple of measures you should mull over before you make your buy.

You spent 33% of your life in bed, so picking the right protector won’t just keep your mattresses and pillows in flawless condition; however, it is useful to your well-being, as it will help keep dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, bacteria, and other nasties from pervading your bedding.

There are numerous kinds of protectors available. Terry towel, cotton quilted, full encasement, PVC backings, the backings, Tencel materials, anti-bacterial, fitted, strapped, waterproof, non-waterproof, etc. So how would we know which one to purchase?


You should initially take a gander at your particular necessities. Are you or a relative experiencing bed bugs, dust mites, asthma, allergies, incontinence, youngster bedwetting, or simply need to have genuine feelings of serenity realizing your bed is perfectly sterile and stain-free?

We should investigate a portion of these protectors and hopefully make it simpler to settle on a choice on the right one for you.

Quilted protector: 

They have a quilted example top typically produced using a blend of cotton and polyester material, and have a cotton-poly filling inside, made for mattresses and pillows. They come in various thicknesses for solace and cost. You can get them fitted or strapped styles, which is additionally a cost factor.

Typically, most quilted protectors are not waterproof, so there is no boundary from allergens or fluids harming mattresses and pillows. Even though on the off chance that you incline toward the vibe of thicker quilted protectors, there are some quilted waterproof protectors available, you may need to look around to discover them.

Terry towel waterproof protectors: 

The terry towel protector is the most widely recognized waterproof protector you will discover available. They have a permeable terry towel top and a waterproof film backing and normally come in fitted style. This is a lot more slender protector than the quilted kind as it has no filling, made for mattresses and pillows. They will secure to the top side of the mattress.

These are the ideal protectors on the off chance that you have issues with incontinence or bedwetting. It will forestall the assimilation of fluids and allergens in this way, keeping your mattress and pillow stain-free. Note: You get what you pay for. The more costly protectors ordinarily have the better quality toweling tops and waterproof backings; Make sure the item has an assurance for washing, drying, and comfort.

Mattress encasement: 

The mattress encasement does what he says. It fully encases the mattress, pillow, or bed base, in this manner securing the top base and sides. It is made of a stretch polyester material intended to be bed bug verification and typically has a zipper to close. There are two kinds of encasement, waterproof and non-waterproof, intended to forestall bed bugs and dust vermin persuasions.


The non-waterproof encasement has been intended to shield bed bugs from entering or getting away from the encasement, won’t secure against dust mites or fluids. The waterproof encasement is made of a similar material yet has a waterproof layer inside, making it impenetrable to bed bugs, dust mites, and fluid stains. This is an ideal answer for asthma and allergy victims, similar to an obstruction to allergens swarming mattresses and pillows.

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