Different Types of Medical Gloves & Their Usages

Types of Medical Gloves

There are two kinds of medical gloves, test gloves and surgical gloves. Read more about these Types of Medical Gloves in details.


Regardless of your duties as a medical professional, you need to wear the right defensive stuff. One of the most important things is a medical glove that can ensure the protection of the hands and prevent skin contact with harmful chemicals, bloodborne pathogens and other dangerous substances. The gloves should likewise have a high puncture resistance since most medical experts work with surgical tools, apparatuses and needles. 

There are two kinds of medical gloves, test gloves and surgical gloves. Every glove is intended to serve some purposes while ensuring the skin and preventing cross-defilement. Disposable clinical gloves are accessible in nitrile, latex and vinyl materials. Any gloves worn by medical professionals must be liberated from powder, clean, well-textured, and coated for additional protection. Nitrile will, in general, be the most preferred glove material for those working in the medical services industry. 

Examination Gloves 

Medical care experts working as caregivers are needed to shield themselves and other people from cross defilement during tests and procedures. They are incredible for use in unsanitary circumstances and can be discarded after each use. Clinical test or examination gloves don’t need to be made of the most excellent quality or thickest material. They can be bought in Latex, vinyl or nitrile with a thickness level that meets the representatives’ requirements who need test gloves. 

Surgical Gloves 

Surgical gloves are worn by surgeons and other health professionals that have direct contact with blood, diseases, sharp devices and other harmful items and substances that could cause outrageous ailment or contamination. For the individuals who need to wear surgical gloves, it’s significant that they are of excellent quality. A ton of surgeons are leaning toward nitrile gloves because of their impressive durability and puncture resistance. 

Data and Specs for Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves 

  • Latex Gloves 
  • Powdered or free of powder 
  • Adaptable 
  • Extraordinary fit 
  • Affectability to contact 
  • Moderate protection 
  • Can cause hypersensitivities and skin bothering 

Vinyl Gloves 

  • Superior grade yet savvy 
  • Manufactured using PVC 
  • Moderate protection 
  • Delicate and agreeable 
  • Without Latex 
  • Not as durable 
  • Touch-sensitive 

Nitrile Gloves 

  • Without protein 
  • Without Latex 
  • Hypersensitivity free 
  • Chemical and puncture resistance 
  • Higher level of safety and durability 

Powdered VS Powder-Free Gloves 

Earlier, latex gloves were the most favoured choice of hand protection for many medical experts. Latex gloves frequently have a powder coating on a surface level to make them simpler to put on and take off in a rush. In any case, the powder is known to cause skin disturbance, particularly after prolonged use. It might likewise cause issues for individuals with respiratory problems once it’s accidentally breathed in. Luckily, with all the progressions made, disposable glove makers have discovered approaches to make gloves that are still simple to put on and take off without having powder on the outside of the glove, known as “powder-free” gloves. 

Allergies to Latex 

Having allergies to Latex is common in people. This kind of allergies makes it uncomfortable and harmful for the people who wear this kind of disposable gloves while working. Indeed, even those without sensitivities to Latex at first may track down that after frequent and ongoing use. They may develop hypersensitivities to the material. To take out the worry of allergens, powder-free gloves made of nitrile or vinyl should be worn, all things being equal.

Bottom line

If you want to leverage all the benefits out of medical gloves, you should understand which kind of gloves can meet your requirements. Consider before buying one.

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