Types of Swimming Pool Filters- Best Swimming Pool Construction Company

Having a swimming pool in your backyard or at the front lawn increases the beauty of your house. Read Types of Swimming Pool Filters.


Having a swimming pool in your backyard or at the front lawn increases the beauty of your house and make your house look more attractive and lavish with a sprawling view of crystal clear water with dim neon lights is a site that will stand out and grab the attention of the visitors at your house.

A pool filter is needed so that dirt and debris do not get mixed with pool water because if there is debris or dirt present in the pool, it can cause illness due to the potential growth of algae in the water.

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Swimming pools need to be cleaned and require weekly maintenance to maintain their crystal clear water, and the beauty of the pool does not fade away.

To keep the pool, clean filters are used that keep impurities and sand away from mixing in the pool water, and water remains clean. Three types of filters are used Cartridge filters, Sand Filters, and Diatomaceous Earth filters, know as D. E filters.

All these filters come in different sizes. Depending on the size and shape of your pool, you can choose the correct size of filters. Choosing the right filter for your pool requires some expert advice, and we must select professionals such as Premium Pools, who are experts in swimming pools.

The construction sector and can help you in selecting the right pool filter for your swimming pool.

Cartridge Filters:

These filters are mostly used in small pools and more commonly on above ground pools. They are cheaper than sand or D.E filters, but they are ineffective in filtering fine particles as they are only capable of filtering 25 microns.

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These filters require regular cleaning as, most of the time, filters become cloudy as they are unable to filter out small particles. Many operators also use cartridge filters because of its lighter eco-footprint, and it uses very little water to get cleaned compared to the sand filter.

It can save almost 90 percent of water. They also take very little space, making them beneficial for pump rooms with little space.

Sand filters:

These filters are the most common filters used worldwide as they are very easy to clean. These filters can be backwashed, which washes the captured impurities and dirt out of the sand.

The sand in the filters needs to be changed after every seven years or so. Sand filters filter out small micron-sized dust particles and impurities and are much more useful than cartridge filters.

D. E Filters:

Diatomaceous Earth is mined and is the remains of microscopic shells created by plants known as Diatoms. These filters are not as popular as sand filters, but nowadays, these filters are the most efficient filtration system and are used as filter media in food. D.E filters are more expensive than sand and cartridge filters and even take more time than sand filters to be installed and cleaned.

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Premium Pool is one of the most prominent swimming pool construction company in India that provides you one of the best swimming pool designs with an efficient filtration system according to your need and budget. All three filters mentioned above are offered by premium pools and come in different sizes according to the space available. 

An efficient filtration system is required to maintain the hygiene and purity of pool water and so that impurities are don’t get mixed with pool water, and a good pool construction company like premium pools is always dedicated to providing their clients with an efficient and advanced filter system that too at very reasonable rates.

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Having a pool filter ensures pure and clean pool water and protection from harmful bacterias that can cause several types of infections and diseases, especially to kids that come to the pool.

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