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Types of Wedding Flowers

There are numerous types of wedding flowers. Choosing the best wedding flowers can be daunting and tedious. Flowers are key aspects of a wedding because they play a significant role in improving your wedding’s aesthetic value. Planning a wedding is not easy; therefore, hiring the right Singapore florist for the wedding is important. A florist will help you choose the best flowers that will match your wedding’s decor and outfits. A wedding florist will customize the flowers according to your tastes and preferences. Below are types of wedding flowers that you will find at https://www.floristique.sg/.

1. Dahlias

Dahlias come in a wide array of sizes and beautiful colors. The wide range of dahlias will help you choose the type that will suit your wedding. Some of the popular types of dahlias flowers include Mignon dahlias, cactus dahlias, collarette dahlias, decorative dahlias, ball dahlias, and pompon dahlias. A reputable florist will help you choose the right kind of dahlias.

2. Roses

There are various types of roses: knock out, beach rose, damask rose, white rose of york, Eden rose, multiflora rose, etc. A fluffier and larger centerpiece or bouquet of roses is ideal for a wedding.

3. Lilacs

Lilacs are the sweetest smelling blooms that can improve the curb appeal of your wedding venue. In addition, lilacs are romantic; therefore, using them in a wedding will enhance the overall aesthetic value. Lilacs come in shades of white or purple. Note that lilacs are quite delicate; therefore, you should be more careful to minimize the risk of wilting. At Floristique, you will find high-quality lilacs.

4. Sweet Peas

There is nothing sweet about this type of wedding flower. Sweet peas have translucent petals, dainty stems, and a great scent. In addition, sweet peas come in variegated colors. This property explains why sweet peas are soft and have an ethereal look.

5. Ranunculus

Ranunculus plays a significant role in adding wildness and a little movement to your centerpiece or bouquet. This is because they have ruffly petals and wiggly stems. At Floristique, you will find top quality ranunculus flowers.


6. Anemones

Anemones are ideal flowers for the modern bride because they come in either white or black. You can mix anemones with other flowers in a bouquet.

7. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are multicolored, hardier, and dusty. You can find hydrangeas in classic white or blue.

8. Tulips

Tulips are not a generic type of wedding flower. The most popular types of tulips in a wedding include double tulips, fringed tulips, and Rembrandt tulips. Tulips are more affordable in the market; therefore, consider this type of wedding flower if you have certain budget constraints.


Other types of wedding flowers are orchids, peonies, etc. choosing the right type of wedding flowers and investing in a professional florist in Singapore will help you host your dream wedding. If you are planning to buy wedding flowers, Floristique is your solution.

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