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UAE Visa Applications For Start a Business in Dubai

Yes, a non-federal or a private person can indeed begin a company in Dubai, and so many do. The population of the city is over 80 percent non-Arab, with most of these owning their own small businesses. However, starting a company as a foreign national. As a new foreign entrepreneur beginning in the UAE, your primary task should really be to acquaint yourself with national business practices and national business custom in the area of which you are thinking of establishing a company. That way, you can ensure that your company will have the best chance at succeeding, by complying with the rules and regulations governing the area in which you wish to do business.

In order to operate legally in the freezone, you will need a commercial vehicle, registration, a working license, a bank account, and basic documentation that prove your identity. For example, an employee visa, residence permit, or any other type of identification card issued by the government of Dubai. You will also need to apply for a certificate of registration at the end of each year. That way, the authorities will keep a record of your company registration.

Business in Dubai:

If you plan to do business in Dubai and have plans on expanding your operation there, you will require a commercial permit. These are normally given out once a year. But if you want to start a business in Dubai immediately, you will require a free trade license. This type of license is only granted during the designated six-month window that coincides with the issuance of your work visa. A free trade license also cannot be renewed but is valid for six months from the date of issue.

The Dubai regime allows foreign businessmen to open a company in Dubai. However, these companies have to register in the Companies Management Agency of Dubai. The process of registration may be difficult for some foreigners who lack technical knowledge in commercial matters. Therefore, the Dubai regime provides a number of service providers who can assist in the setup and registration of companies.

How to Start a Business in Dubai

Companies formation is one of the easier processes for foreigners coming to Dubai. However, establishing a company involves many paper works. Before the Dubai Company Formation Commission (DCC) can establish a new company, it first needs fourteen documents. These documents include a set of letterheads, business proposals, financial statements, and any contract or agreement relating to trade. If you are not sure how to prepare these documents, you can hire a company formation agent who will help you fill them out and get approved.

After submitting your documents, you will still need to pass the relevant tests. These include the proficiency examinations and the experience test from the Dubai Sports Authority. The Sports Authority is responsible for ensuring that the applicants provided with high-quality sport opportunities. The entrepreneurs can also acquire the necessary work permits through the Dubai Civil Service. However, there are certain limitations when it comes to working permits for overseas entrepreneurs, as the emirate restricts the number of employees from outside the country on various nationalities.

Start a Business in Dubai:

In order to start a business in Dubai either for yourself or as an employee, you need to obtain a special visa. The emirate has three different types of visa requirements. First, the resident or legal entrepreneur needs a UAE national ID card and a subscription to the work contract. Second, the non-resident or permitted trader must have a valid passport with a six-month validity period and a three-year validity period. The third type of visa requires the holder to be a UAE national or a citizen of the emirate.

If you are a non-UAE citizen, you can still get a visa. However, you will need to fill up the UAE national register application. The registration process usually takes a few weeks and is quite cumbersome. If you are unable to find the requirements of the free zone, you can contact the Dubai authorities directly and ask them about the required documents.

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