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British conservatism has long closed the door to Britain to migrant workers from “third world” countries. However, the British government is becoming more and more interested in the development of their country at the hands of legal migrants. Seasonal workers are welcome here and even plan to simplify entry for work for up to six months. First of all, the kingdom is waiting for researchers, business leaders and startups. They can enter the country without an invitation from the employer. In addition, you can get UK job vacancies without language skills and without higher education, if you have been officially invited to work by a local company. It is worth preparing that you will have to work hard. However, salaries in England are better than in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Who can get a job in the United Kingdom?

Local hotels, factories, restaurants and even families with money are looking for workers for the following vacancies:

–          cook;

–          housekeeper;

–          nurse;

–          builder (all types of work);

–          handyman for a factory or warehouse;

–          packer;

–          the driver;

–          maid;

–          dishwasher;

–          waiter, etc.

In the field of agriculture we need workers for the following jobs:

–          handyman on the farm;

–          handyman in the greenhouse for growing mushrooms, strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, lettuce.

What are the features of working in UK?

The choice of vacancies is not very wide, but many workers are needed, and the chance to receive a salary of six pounds in British pounds is still there.

The farm needs to do a variety of work: pruning trees in gardens, harvesting berries and vegetables in the field, working in greenhouses, sorting, packing products in warehouses. Ukrainian recruiters offer a choice of any agricultural enterprise. 50 English companies accept workers. The duration of the contract is 5-6 months, it is for this period that the minimum work visa is issued.

To work as a handyman, knowledge of English at a basic level is desirable, but not a prerequisite for work. There are Russian-speaking groups on farms and factories, and you can communicate with the curator only by knowing Russian.

In England, it is impossible to officially employ minors. Only when the worker turns 18 will he be hired. Also, they are reluctant to accept those who are 40-45 years old. Some farms are ready to hire employees even at the age of 60.

The work schedule is 8-12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. You can take extra load, but the weekly working time should not exceed 60 hours.

How much are seasonal workers paid in England?

Workers receive a salary on a plastic card either once a month or weekly. There is a practice of paying by special checks. The minimum wage is from 1,800 euros per month for workers on farms or in greenhouses.

Income tax can be deducted from employees if the amount of earnings is more than 14,000 euros per month (in fact, it is practically impossible to earn that much at an hourly rate of 9-10 euros). Sometimes contributions to the pension fund are deducted, but recruiters resolve the issue with the employer and then these payments are stopped.

Firms practice paid leave. After the end of the six-month contract, they pay 110-170 euros for each working month. A bonus of 140 euros can be obtained if you work on a farm for six months.

How to get a job in England?

The British are negative about those who want to work in the country illegally. Formal employment is a guarantee of peace on both sides of labor relations. You should not expect to earn money in England if you have violated labor laws at least once and been illegal here.

You can go to work if you have an invitation from the employer and a work contract. The following categories can cross the British border without these documents:

1.      students;

2.      staff;

3.      artists;

4.      teachers;

5.      educators;

6.      trainees who study English in depth.

An EU passport opens the way to the English labor market.

Prices for housing in the UK.

Accommodation for migrants is arranged near the place of work. These are hostels where 2-4 people live in rooms. There may also be trailers. They house 3-6 workers. Inside – a basic set of furniture and utensils for living. Housing may incur an additional charge of approximately € 60 per week.

Renting a home on your own is expensive compared to pay. The cost of a one-room apartment with amenities in London is from 1000 euros. A studio apartment for two with one bed costs from 2000 euros.

In the English capital, it is normal practice to rent a room. The cost of its rent – from 600 euros to one and a half thousand euros. Living in a hostel is cheaper, from 400 euros per month.

The closer your home is to the royal palace, the more expensive it will cost. Yes, for a place in a room near the Queen’s Castle you have to pay about 3,000 euros a month.

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