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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to E-liquid

E-liquid, as the name suggests, is the liquid substance used in vaporizing devices. It is like the fuel for the vaporizers. When the e-liquid pours into the pod, it gets soaked into a wick. The electric coil mechanism heats the wick, which evaporates the liquid for inhalation. Read about Ultimate Beginners Guide to E-liquid below.

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There are four elements in the e-liquid – Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavoring, and nicotine. However, nicotine is optional as per the requirements and desires of the users. Therefore, comparing the elements, the number of flavorings and nicotine is almost negligible as PG and VG are the primary and dominant ones. 

Propylene Glycol is a thin or runny element, similar to water. It is used to dissolve or carry flavorings and nicotine in the e-liquid. It is responsible for the throat hit, and its intensity depends on the amount of nicotine dissolved in it. The chemical – PG is fit for human consumption and has been used in the food industry for decades. 

Vegetable Glycerin, in contrast to PG, is a very thick gel-like substance. It is a common element and is widely used in the food industry. Even products like cough medicines contain VG. In e-liquid, it doesn’t give a discernible throat hit while vaporizing. Instead, it has a slightly sweet taste. Its main job is to produce vapor or clouds while vaporizing through new vape coils. This ingredient is extracted from plant oils. A higher amount of VG in e-liquid helps produce more vapors.  Flavorings and nicotine are self-explanatory. No e-liquid is complete without adding flavoring to it. 


A beginner’s guide to using e-liquid is incomplete without explaining the proper combination of PG and VG. Using a vaporizer with a correct ratio of the two is essential. Although we cannot give you accurate numbers as it depends on user-to-user preferences, we can lead you to the right path of choosing one. 

In any e-liquid combination, the flavoring remains constant, where the ratio between PG and VG varies. Determining by percentage, an e-liquid containing more PG means it would have stronger throat hits and carry more flavors. As a result, it would be thinner and produce fewer vapors. In contrast, more VG would imply lesser throat hits and more vapor or cloud. 

If you are vaporizing to feel the flavor or experience an intense throat hit, you should opt for an e-liquid containing at least 70% PG. While this is a relatively thinner liquid, it vapors at a lower temperature, and the nicotine strength increases up to 20mg/ml. 

VG-based liquids are thicker and suitable for those looking to produce clouds instead of flavor or nicotine hit. If you don’t want to consume nicotine, it is advisable to opt for e-liquids with more than 60% VG content. The nicotine strength here ranges from zero mg to 11mg.

However, many producers offer 50/50 liquids that balance both requirements. It provides a good throat hit and flavor and produces a decent amount of vapor. 

Nicotine Strength 

When it comes to nicotine strength, it entirely depends on the consumption capacity of a person. If you are new to vape devices but previously have consumed nicotine by other means, you need to evaluate the consumption amount. If you consume nicotine once or twice a week, you can opt for lower nicotine options like 3mg or even lesser. Similarly, the graph goes upwards proportionately with the amount of nicotine consumption. If you want to calculate the nicotine amount in a vapor tank, simply multiply the total strength in mg/mL with the number of milliliters available. Another way is to use nicotine-calculating applications that are readily available online these days.

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Choosing a Kit 

In addition to other things, choosing the correct device or kit for vaporizing is equally essential. According to the coil strength of the kits, you should pick up the suitable liquid. For the kits with coils above 1 ohm like Cig-A-Likes or Pod Kits, a 50/50 ratio liquid is a good option. For vapor pens with coils from 1.2 to 0.3 ohm, 30/70 PG/VG ratio would be decent enough. 


Regarding the different flavors available for e-liquids, it’s challenging to mention all the flavors available on the market. Broadly, there are five main flavor groups – 

  • Fruits/Candies
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
  • Menthols/Mints
  • Tobaccos

One can choose their flavors according to their likings.


To an extent, e-liquid is safe to consume if used and handled correctly. However, while vaping e-liquids, one should keep a check on the nicotine levels to ensure lesser harm to the body.

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E-liquids are becoming popular nowadays. With people slowly becoming more conscious of giving up on other harmful habits and switching to vaping, e-liquids are widely used. If you want to quit traditional nicotine delivery systems, e-liquids are the way to go.  

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