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Availing a credit card is a significant financial decision an individual makes. Read Understanding of the Credit Card to save yourself.


Availing a credit card is a critically significant financial decision an individual makes in his/her life. Many other finance-related aspects depend and are impacted by one’s decision to avail of the credit tool. Impact on one’s credit score is a prime example of such effects. Also, read about how does rent to own works because it’s necessary to know for everyone.


For this reason, your decision to get a credit card should be thoroughly a well-thought-out and informed one. To make sure that you take a prudent decision regarding this, it is essential to be aware of certain things related to credit cards.

Things you must be aware of before getting a credit card

Rewards and benefits

Credit cards are of several types and accompany varied features customized as per user requirements. You can check out the different types of credit cards meant for every lifestyle, whereby it is prudent to decide on a card that suitably benefits as per your purchasing habits. 

Since each card has its varied benefits and rewards to better your purchasing experience, you must compare different variants accordingly.

Link with credit score

You must know that your credit card could be a great way to build a positive credit history. Paying timely bills, maintaining a good credit utilization ratio, spending responsibly, etc., will positively impact your credit score. However, the opposite might also happen if you fail to use the card responsibly, which makes availing of an affordable credit limit critical.


Grace period

A grace period is a duration extending between your billing cycle’s end and the bill’s payment due date. It allows flexibility for bill payment and eliminates interest charges, whereby such a period can extend up to 20 days.

Further, credit card cash withdrawal charges are also not levied with select card providers during this period. Thus, you must check the grace period for available card options and select accordingly to avail maximum payment flexibility.

Other fees

Apart from interest charges, you must be aware of other fees like late payment fees, annual fees, balance transfer fees, and so on for the card selected. Nominal charges can make a remarkable difference in your overall card liability, thus making them essential to consider when you get a credit card.

Paying options

You must discuss the bill payment options with your card provider in detail. Paying the entire amount in the credit card bill might not always be mandatory. You will need to pay a minimum required amount in such cases while the remaining amount is carried forward in the next month. Bill payment options like EMI conversion only make it easier for individuals to meet their monthly liability easily.


Apart from these points, you must also be aware of why your credit card application might get rejected.

How to get a credit card?

Here are the steps you need to follow before availing of a credit card:

  • Please go through the different types of credit cards available, their features, benefits, charges, etc. Select the ideal type of card based on your needs, spending patterns, and so on.
  • Check the specified eligibility criteria for that credit card type and whether you fulfill those points.
  • Organize and keep the necessary documents ready. These documents will have to be provided for identity verification.
  • Once you have selected a card type, qualified the eligibility criteria, and finalized a provider, you can proceed by filling up the application form.

Now, instant approvals can also be enjoyed on credit card applications. For instance, you can avail quick approval on the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, which also comes with various industry-first features like interest-free withdrawals from ATMs.


The card issuer also provides various pre-approved offers to streamline the process of availing financial products like personal loans, business loans, and credit cards. Provide only your essential contact details to take a look at your pre-approved offer.

Getting a credit card can be considered a significant stepping stone in the financial sphere for users who haven’t availed any credit earlier. So, when you get a credit card, make sure to be aware of how it works, the terms and conditions that accompany it, its liabilities, and dedicated benefits to make the most of its features. Hope you love reading “Understanding of the Credit Card”

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