Understanding The Effects of CBD On Men Vs. Women

Human males and females have different genetic and hormonal-driven behavior. They process information differently, perceive emotions and experiences in different ways. That’s the reason CBD affects men and women differently. Certain physical factors such as age, weight, shape, and body size may impact how CBD affects individuals. Let’s understand it in detail!

Impacts of CBD On Men & Women

Irrespective of your gender, CBD offers some outstanding health benefits. It is best known for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. CBD can help alleviate both acute and chronic pains. As a result, it gives a natural relief to people who aren’t much interested in prescription medications. CBD for pain has become the first choice of many.

Another benefit of CBD for men and women is that it helps with joint and muscle recovery after vigorous exercise, helping you relieve muscle and joint pains. CBD Salve and balm are ideal products to apply to help you get back to the gym sooner. But there are certain facts associated with the effects of CBD for women that aren’t the same for men and vice versa.

Effects of CBD on Women

Several studies have shown differential responses to cannabis in women. These include the effects of CBD on anxiety in women. It has been found that women with continuous use of CBD have shown a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms. In CBD studies based on sex, it has been found that women reacted better to CBD than males, reducing anxiety symptoms. Though the anxiety level of both genders was almost the same at the beginning, CBD consumption brought much stronger relief in anxiety to females than to male consumers.  

Higher estrogen levels in women can cause mood swings and other types of emotional stress that you won’t find in men. CBD and other endocannabinoids work with estrogen and help in stabilizing mood swings in women. This shows that CBD might help to combat anxiety and depression in women.

On the other hand, bloating and inflammation are common issues women face during PMS. CBD is believed to effectively reduce pain and inflammation, which is particularly beneficial for women at this time. This shows that CBD might help you feel physically comfortable and help your mood.

Effects of CBD on Men

CBD also provides men-specific benefits. But most men probably require a higher dosage of CBD than women to achieve those benefits. Men produce more testosterone, and CBD interacts with it the most. In fact, CBD might help boost testosterone and libido as CBD interacts with cannabinoids receptors present in testicular tissue in the male body. Also, the other effects of CBD salve remain the same in men as well. It helps men by relieving anxiety, inflammation, and pain. It may also help treat substance use disorder in men by minimizing craving induced by drug cues.

Wrapping Up!

CBD  offers several benefits to men and women. Though the impact can vary in both genders, it definitely helps reduce pain, anxiety, and inflammation. If you think you want to give it a try, make sure you get CBD from a reliable store that produces CBD products using organic hemp.

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