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Understanding What A Full-Stack Developer Does


With more and more businesses migrating onto online platforms in today’s digital age, web developers are becoming increasingly important alongside other IT-related roles such as cloud computing professionals. Most people understand the term web developers, but did you know that there are many different types of web developers with different types of responsibilities?

If you are looking to make a career in the world of web development, chances are, you would have come across the term full-stack web developer several times. Full-stack web developers are high in demand due to the value that they can bring to any organization or business. But what exactly does a full-stack web developer do? To understand what a full-stack web developer does, read on to learn more!

What Is A T-shaped Web Developer?

The T-shape model is a model used to describe an individual with a broad range of generalized skills within an industry, but at the same time, can have specializations in one or more roles. A full-stack web developer is a great example of this T-shaped model.

Full-stack web developers are expected to have a good knowledge of various different platforms and technologies involved in web development and typically have completed a full stack developer course. Furthermore, depending on the role they play within an organization, they are also required to have in-depth knowledge of a few of these concepts, meaning that they specialize in them.  

Whilst full-stack web developers are skilled in various aspects of web development, there are two particular general skill sets that are important for them. The two general fields that we are referring to are front-end web development and back-end web development skill sets.

What Is Front-end Web Development?

The main goal of front-end web development is to facilitate the user experience whenever a platform or website is used by one. It is due to their role in ensuring engagement with the user that this form of web development is sometimes referred to as client-side web development.

There are several skill sets involved with front-end web development. The most important skill set that front-end web developers have is competency in programming and scripting languages. With different tools and proficiency in web development languages, they are able to construct entire sheets of information from scratch. With that, they then manipulate these chunks of information, texts, and visuals to form what is known as a website. Everything from font size, font colors, buttons, and even graphics are all managed and designed by a front-end web developer. 

Front-end web development also entails ensuring that a website is able to work on multiple different types of devices with various different screen sizes and resolutions, platforms, and web browsers as well.

Front-end web developers are often also skilled in applications such as photoshop and illustrator to help them design layouts and graphic aids that can be used in the website. 

These skills that front-end developers have are generally referred to as user interface design or user experience design skills. Being able to effectively utilize programming and design skills together is what allows front-end web developers to create effective layouts and guide users to the intended areas of a website. A good developer will be able to dictate the movement of users to a certain degree and provide a smooth experience for users on the website.

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What Is Back-end Web Development?

Back-end web development, also known as server-side development, deals with client information instead of client experience. Unlike front-side web development, back-end web development is more concerned about everything that the user doesn’t see happen — processes that happen behind the scenes. back-end web developers primarily work with large databases, APIs, and servers.

The back end of a website consists of numerous servers, applications, databases, and tons of coding. These codes allow for information to be communicated between browsers and the databases as well as servers that store this information. 

Take for example your login info to a website. This info is keyed in onto the website through the use of a browser. This info is then sent through the server that hosts this website. After it is processed, this data packet is then sent over to the database that stores it. You don’t see any of this happening, which is why this form of web development is known as back-end web development.

Back-end web developers are expected to be proficient in several coding languages as well as server-side languages such as Java and PHP. Through a variety of tools, frameworks, and languages, back-end web developers are able to facilitate the movement of data to and fro databases and websites.

What Is Full-Stack Web Development?

Full-stack web developers are web developers that are able to carry out the responsibilities of both front-end and back-end web developers. This means that they are well versed in languages, frameworks, and tools used by both types of web developers. 

Proficiency in these various types of skills requires years of training and experience in the field. Full-stack web developers are also competent in various other skills related to web development and often you will find many that have an understanding of business logic as well. It is no surprise that full-stack web developers are great assets to a company due to the sheer value that they bring.

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Why Become A Full-Stack Web Developer?

Whilst specialization in a form of web development might be seen as a good thing, being proficient in the full spectrum yields far more value in this industry. A developer that is able to evaluate the look and feel of a website to deliver the best user experience, whilst also understanding the technical know-how behind the workings of websites is of great value to any development team.

How To Become A Full-Stack Web Developer

If you intend to pursue a career as one, there are various different skills that you would have to develop. The back-end and front-end skill sets are a must to learn, and this would require years of training and hands-on experience.


There are tons of ways to develop the required skill sets of a full-stack web developer. Various organizations provide courses in web development that can get you an official certification as a professional. Books, websites, seminars, and even friends in the industry are also great ways to pick up essential skills as well.

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