Top 50 Upcoming Pc Games which players are waiting desperately (2020-2021)

Best 50 Upcoming Pc Games in which players are desperately waiting to be released. Some are from past series & few games are completely new. We have chosen only 50 best games from hundreds of planned upcoming games for 2020-2021.

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Latest 1-10 Upcoming Games
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Upcoming Pc games that are added to our list are started from October 2020 to the end of 2021. But we will try our best to update our list when the games listed are released already. These games belong to all different categories and we arrange them on the base of which game is releasing early. There is one problem which we are facing is no fixed release date for a few games. There are some games which they plan to release in 2020 but no date is given, sometime they can delay releasing of any game. Below are the best games are chosen out of many other games to be added to our list. Remember we ignore games with low quality or too much nude content like Cyberpunk.

20 Best Pc Games of all Time – Games Chosen from all Categories

Similar to the common structure on our site, this is a mini base article for Pc Upcoming games. Below is the link is given to you which will connect you to the rest of 4 articles. If you are looking for all high-quality games which they plan to release in 2020-2021, please visit all articles on our site.

Upcoming 1-10 Upcoming Games

1- Star Wars – Squadrons

Squadrons is an upcoming game for the Star War series and planned to released on 2 October 2020. Its both a single-player & multiplayer space combat game. Unlike Star War movies or other games, you don’t need to explore planets, send an army to conquer, and more. This new game is all about the battle in space with help of too many different kinds of planes. Each class of ships is different from unique abilities, sometime they can send players on missions to destroy large ships too. In multiplayer mode, you can com[pete with other players online. If their features are perfect, this game may become very popular and the best online game for 2020 because millions of people love Star Wars movies and games series.

2- Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition

Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition is scheduled to release on 15 October 2020. Everyone knows about the Age of Empire series, you can still find thousands of active people playing the Age of Empires 2 & 3 online. They released AOE 2 in past by collecting all popular expansion packs in one place with real HD graphics. In upcoming AOE 3 games, you can expect them to add real HD graphics, with a collection of all expansions and popular mods all together in one place. It’s also popular they may release a new expansion pack with complete updates for Definitive Edition but chances for that to happen are very low.

3- LEGO Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga

The Skywalker Saga is a huge game that was planned to released in October 2020, now changed to 2021. It is mostly about exploring huge planets in the Star Wars world. Different kinds of landmarks and other detailed information are provided in this game. There is a total of 9 episodes, each with 5 different missions to complete. Unlike other games, players are able to choose any episode to complete 1st as per their desires. Unlike Star Wars – Squadrons, this Star War game is an expanded version where players are able to move in different locations. There is no limited war in space or fixed location, but the delay for releasing this game is really bad for those who are desperately waiting for this game.

4- Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion is scheduled to release on 29 October 2020. Best adventure action upcoming game ever. Its a sequel to the previously released game Watch Dogs 2. Its open-world game is similar to the GTA style where players are able to explore the whole city and complete various objectives. Players are free to do whatever they want in this game, they can complete missions as per their desires. Previous games were also very successful and millions of players really love them. We can expect a release of all-time best Open World, Action, and Adventure game released in the history of Pc gaming. But this game is also planned to released for some other platforms too.

5- Book Of Travels

Book Of Travels is an RPG game but there is no fixed game for its release. You can expect it to be released in 2020 anytime soon. As a Role Play game, you are able to choose from 20 different characters that are completely customized, and every single detail is created. In fact, you may never see any other RPG game ever created with the dept of their characters’ information. We consider it as the best Upcoming Pc Games ever planned to be released soon. As you can understand from its name, you will travel to new places, completely unique events happen when you travel. There are some online multiplayer options that allow players to travel together and face everything with help of each other.

6- The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope

Little Hope is a survival horror game and the 8th installment in series planned to released on 30 October 2020. They build a complete storyline in-game, you may see this game completely look like our real life. Players must make decisions on every point, that can affect the whole game & also change the ending too. Player control 5 different characters who are trapped in a ghost town. If you love horror type games, you will never see any other perfect game released ever compare to The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope.

7- Calico

Unfortunately, there is no fixed date for the release of Calico but you can expect it later this year. Its a community daily life game, where you are responsible to build Town Cat cafe. You need to fill it with furniture, decoration, pastries, and much more. Consider it the best fun game ever for players of all ages. The player can customize their own character with a lot of available options. The main purpose of this game is to make the most complete and awesome Cafe in which everyone loves & fulfill their requirements.

8- Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is planned to released on 29 September 2020. If you love super Mario type platform games, this game is best for you. There are a lot of levels in-game, which are different from each other with a lot of enemies. They also build a huge collection of items that can help kill these enemies. Unlike Super Mario type games, you will see a huge world in this game where you can travel from one location to another. You will never see any other simple but additive game ever released, the more you play, it becomes better & better for you.

9- Out of Reach – Treasure Royale

The release date for Out of Reach – Treasure Royale is set 14 October 2020. It’s an amazing game where you can explore a huge open water world on your ship. It includes war between different ships using all kinds of weapons. Explore large islands and fight with other people to do get different kinds of rewards. Different kind of weapons is part of the game which you can use to kill enemies or destroy different ships and buildings. In simple words, the most awesome Pirate hunting game is planned to released for Pc soon.

Best Pc Games By Year – One Game Is Chosen from each Year

10- The Signifier

The Signifier is scheduled to release on 15 October 2020. There are a lot of different genres that are added in one single game like Tech, Mystery, Open World, Adventure, and more. In other words, this game is really huge for those who won’t love to see games with different genres altogether. Game is huge with different realms, solve mysteries, puzzles, and many other activities to perform. As you can understand from the above video, the game is not very easy to compare to one genre because you have to deal with everything in one place. But there is no other better game for those who love challenges.

Latest Future Games 11-20

Below is a list of more upcoming games that you may love to play in near future.

Dirt 5, Yakuza – Like a Dragon, Cris Tales, Rune II, Medal of Honor – Above and Beyond, The Falconeer, Hazel Sky, Kingpin – Reloaded, Occupy Mars – The Game, Outriders

Latest Future Games 21-30

Below is a list of more upcoming games that you may love to play in near future.

Ghostrunner, Psychonauts 2, Empire of Sin, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Dying Light 2, Chivalry II, Halo Infinite, Ready or Not, Evil Genius 2 – World Domination, Gamedec

Latest Future Games 31-40

Below is a list of more upcoming games that you may love to play in near future.

Humankind, Hood – Outlaws & Legends, Senua’s Saga – Hellblade 2, Shadow Warrior 3, New World, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, End State, Scorn, Phantom Brigade, Dead Matter

Latest Future Games 41-50

Below is a list of more upcoming games that you may love to play in near future.

Wrath – Aeon of Ruin, Skull, and Bones, Kerbal Space Program 2, Everspace 2, Phantom Doctrine 2 – The Cabal, Warhammer 40,000 – Darktide, IGI – Origins, The Lord Of The Rings – Gollum, The Legend of Heroes – Trails of Cold Steel IV

Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000 – Ranked from 1-50

Top Post on Future Games

We always suggest our users visit Gamesradar sites because of their authority on games. Too many different posts are published on their site about gaming. Their article about Upcoming Pc games is complete with a huge collection of different games on 3 pages. Unlike our site, they add all different types of sites even involving too much nudity. There are some images added for a few games, you can also see some videos too.


Above is a list of games that are planned to released next month, but every other article connected to this mini-post is different from it. There are some games which they are planning to release but there is no fixed date. We already explain a lot about it above for you. Our plan for the upcoming game is simple, we will try to provide a video trailer for every game, some basic information & if it’s part of series, you can also find some information about it too. But its possible, we may not be able to find any video, there is no choice for us to leave it without any video. We request users to show their interest by adding comments below about their favourite upcoming game.

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