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Upholstery Ideas For An Eye-Catching Home – Amir Articles

As a homeowner, you would want to have an inviting and inspiring space. Read Upholstery Ideas For Home to know complete details about it.


As a homeowner, you would want to have an inviting and inspiring space. You can spruce up the look of a room without breaking the budget by upgrading your upholstery.

Upholstery adds to the overall décor of a room. A carefully planned design includes a well-placed seating with comfy and stylish upholstery. Chairs, couches, and sofas are important in every part of the house. They are functional and decorative pieces that beautify the space and give it a look that you desire. 

Today, we are listing down upholstery ideas for a beautiful home.

1. Floral Upholstery

Flower patterns never go out of style. They are a timeless print that can easily blend with nearly every interior. They suit feminine, moody, and modern décor, to name a few. Floral upholstery will remind you of the blooming gardens in spring or the fun memories of summer. They can totally lift your mood every time you see them.

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You can transform your bedroom by covering the bed with a floral-patterned fabric. Or, you can brighten up the living room by upholstering your sofa set.

There’s no denying that floral prints associate with a feminine interior. Hence, if you love the comfy, girlish vibe, nothing beats a pink flowery couch. If you are opting for a moody décor, flower prints have got your back, too. A black or dark purple floral loveseat will work well for you.

Further, you can enliven a monochromatic scheme with vivid flower-patterned chairs. Bold red and green colors will cheer up your space.

2. Striped Upholstery

Upholstery Ideas For An Eye-Catching Home - Amir Articles

Photo by Stella Hwang on Flickr

Just like floral prints, stripes are timeless. It is a classic pattern that graces the home décor and fashion scenes. For the home, stripe upholstery will suit various styles.

Blue and white are the perfect stripe combo for a seaside feel. Hence, if you live near a coastal area, you might love these upholstery colors for your home. Otherwise, you can give your living room a modern or quirky look with a refined black and white stripe sofa. Or, create a chic dining room with grey and white stripe chairs.

3. Geometric Upholstery

Upholstery Ideas For An Eye-Catching Home - Amir Articles

Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash

Geometric patterns are among the most popular styles today. They are the go-to pick for several interiors such as retro, art deco, and contemporary.

You can add flair to your room by upholstering pieces in geometric prints. A geo pattern sofa will make a good centerpiece. In contrast, geometric design patterns can be used as a background.

Geo shapes don’t always need to have strong, cutting lines like triangles and hexagons. In fact, curvy shapes like crescents and ovals make great geometric patterns, too. Hence, you can pick one that truly suits your style.

Black and white chevron chairs will create a chic vibe in your dining area. A bright-colored rhomb sofa will add a cheery vibe to your living room.

4. Mismatched Upholstery

Talk about eye-catching interiors! Mismatch upholstery garners inspiration from eclectic and unusual decors. If you crave a hip and non-traditional style, why not blend two upholstery covers into one furniture?

For instance, you can give your old chair a pink back and a leopard print seat. Or, you can spruce up a blue velvet chair with a striped seat and vintage wooden legs. I doubt that your friend’s pad has something like these.

Make your old furniture stand out by giving them a makeover. You can DIY your way to cool, bold, and stylish pieces that will elevate your space.

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5. Velvet Upholstery

Upholstery Ideas For An Eye-Catching Home - Amir Articles

Photo by Inside Weather on Unsplash

Velvets are one of the most sought-after fabrics. Homeowners love its elegant glow and striking color. Plus, they adore its soft and smooth texture that’s warm to the touch. If you want a beautiful home, you can never go wrong with a velvet upholstered sofa.

If you opt for a classy look, you might love a velvet Chesterfield sofa in emerald green. Or, if a cozy feminine space lifts your mood, a pink velvet armchair will be perfect.

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