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User Experience (UX) Defined Nicely

Top-notch mobile app development companies help create digital products. Most of their clientele are people, brands, businesses, and companies having an idea that uses technology to help make daily life quite easy and much more efficient. Read below about User Experience (UX) Defined.

The path between their idea and the end outcome contains a lot of steps and processes. Among them, some of those steps and processes belong to the UX designer. This can be the first stepping stone on the path towards victory.

The world of start-ups contains a lot of terms and shortcut phrases that a lot of people are unable to understand. With the understandable fact that they come from different kinds of backgrounds and expertise that doesn’t lie usually in information technology, it makes sense that things related to tech, apps, and startups be explained to them with kindness and in simple language.

Now let us read this article to see what does UX design mean and what it does in the world of mobile app development:

What does UX Design mean?

Experts from leading mobile app development companies based in Seattle, San Antonio, Detroit, and Little Rock explain UX is basically an abbreviation (a sort of shortcut) for user experience. The job of a UX designer is to design anything the new app user wants and that too in the most enjoyable and friendly way.

UX Design is not only related to just digital products; it is also related to each interaction people have with everything in the world today. This is something that is important to understand as everything in human lives has a user experience. You don’t believe it; take the example of a visit to the local bank. The level of service you experience is the user experience.

The job of the UX designer is to add improvements to this interaction. No one is creating any experiences but rather making these experiences better from multiple angles. Most professionals and app development organizations do this by understanding user patterns, habits, and behavior so they can create better experiences.

What factors are involved in UX design?

For any company to create a great user experience, they should follow three basic rules which are as under:

  • Usefulness.
  • Usability.
  • Desirability.

Let’s try implementing these rules at two coffee cups looking entirely different and with slight design changes. Both these cups are designed to fulfill the purpose of coffee drinking by putting coffee in them and drinking from them. One of them has a very good UX design whereas the other does not.

So here are the three rules on each coffee cup:

  • Usefulness: Pouring coffee inside the cup. Both cups serve this purpose.
  • Usability: THis defines the way the actual cup can be held so users can drink coffee.
  • Desirability: How attractive the mugs are to the users and how effective one of them is for fulfilling this is.

Taking the case of usability, one of those coffee mugs has two layers of glass with air in between. This helps protect the hand from heat conducted by coffee. This also helps keep the coffee warm. This mug also fits just about any hand size and always helps show how much coffee is left. This one is certainly user-friendly.

Whereas the other mug is not as useful as the above one. Its handle can cause burns and trouble. It does not fit the user’s hand and is also unattractive.

Now let us check the aspect of desirability. One of the best examples may be of a person at a store and looking at various products. Now the user focuses on frozen beef patties. Which one makes more appeal? Brand A focusing on quality and taste with an average packaging? Or Brand B promising all but with new and improved packaging? 

This all depends on the experience the person has had. The person chooses Brand A because of the experience they have had with that brand. 

Keeping the above three rules in mind, cup A and Brand A have scored well. This now leads us to another topic worth reading.

Core essence of UX design

The core principle of UX design is that it is all about the way a product is used. A lot of firms make products but only from the business aspect. They should instead think about making them from how the user will actually experience the product.

Hence, companies ought to think about things that make

the user’s experience better and should think about a lot of ways to go about this phenomenon. Getting creative is one of the best things that a UX designer should do when making a product’s design.

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