Using Brain Dumps for Oracle Certifications Is Truly Brainless

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The job market for the past several years has been poor in the United States and around the world. Information technology has been one of the few job markets that has never stopped hiring (although it certainly has slowed down for some time). In the past year or two, I’ve seen the number of open positions start to grow rapidly again. There is always a shortage of skilled IT professionals. It is not surprising, then, that a large number of people are interested in entering the IT field, or that they see Oracle certifications as a way to do so. I totally agree. I have been in a position looking to fill entry level vacancies for Oracle professionals and candidates with Oracle certifications is definitely something I’m looking for.

But what bothers me is what I see on forums, blogs, and testimonial sites. It seems that an increasing number of people, especially candidates with little experience, are looking for shortcuts to obtaining an Oracle certification. Specifically, I see a significant rise in candidates who are openly seeking “brain dumps” to use in an attempt to pass a particular test. Brain dumps are collections of actual “supposed” test questions and their answers from Oracle certification exams. If you’ve used or thought about using brain dumps, take a few minutes to think about the concept. Since no papers are allowed in or out of the test centers, these questions and answers come from the memories of previous test takers. Whether pranks are actual test questions and answers depends on test takers’ memories. However, for this article, I will simply assume that dumps contain real questions with the correct answers. After all, any filter that uses these pranks makes the same assumption.

Some candidates who use brain dumps argue that they are not cheating, and that pranks are simply another valid way to study for the sake of the test VMWARE Exam Dumps. This argument is completely wrong and obviously. “Studying” for the test by memorizing the actual questions and answers is not studying. It is cheating. This activity does not give you the background information that the test was designed to determine if you have. If you were willing to cheat on a test, I highly doubt that you would change your mind based on this article. However, you have to be honest with yourself enough to admit that this is exactly what you are doing.

Regardless, what you should focus on as a certification candidate is this: Oracle certification exams are designed to determine if you are skilled in a part of the Oracle product suite. This should come as no shock – the algebra test is designed to determine whether or not you’ve already done your algebra homework, and the history test is designed to determine if you were listening when your teacher discussed the French Revolution. The difference is that people who take Oracle certification exams do so because they intend to work with this product. On a typical working day, you are unlikely to be asked to solve a quadratic equation, or to discuss the social and economic policies that led to the collapse of the French monarchy. However, you may be expected to recover from a database failure, troubleshoot a database performance problem, or write a complex SQL statement. If you pass the 11G Administrator OCP exams through the use of brain dumps, and then land a job based on that certification – you probably can’t do any of these tasks as you should be able to.

If you’re going to work in this field, many of the questions asked in Oracle certification exams are about things you should really know and will need to learn at some point. If you need to know information, it is much better to learn while studying for a test than in the midst of a real-life crisis when you are being watched, timed, and evaluated by the people who pay your salary. If you get certificates without knowing what’s behind them, sooner or later this will become apparent. There will be some hiring managers who may not be able to identify candidates with a thin veneer of Oracle knowledge during an interview. However, most companies hiring for entry-level positions will have one or more senior Oracle employees attend the interview. I have been to these interviews and have outperformed the unskilled candidates. Even if you are hired, sooner or later if you are not familiar with Oracle, it will be clear that you cannot do the job and you will be fired. If your plan is to learn the skills you need after being hired, why skip learning them for certification? Using pranks means that you risk losing your diploma due to fraud. If you are hired on the basis of certification, you risk being defrauded if you are unable to do the work.

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By Nimra Zubair

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