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Violin Lessons for Kids: Three Games You Can Play So They Can Learn The Violin Fast

You may be the parent of young children who have just started violin lessons for kids. You may also be a violin teacher who just got your qualifications in teaching violin and starting your career conducting violin classes for kids. Either way, you must be wondering whare are the most effective ways to get your child or your students the maximum benefit in beginner violin lessons. 

Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings, a music veteran who runs a violin school Singapore and organizes many violin lessons for kids, has a few tips which will help parents and teachers alike. According to her, out of one hundred student enrolments for violin lessons Singapore, fifty percent are young kids age twelve and below and the balance are teenagers, adults and retirees. Since such a big percentage of students are young kids, it is important to look at how lessons are structured to incorporate some form of fun and interaction so as to keep the young students motivated and interested to go for weekly violin lessons for kids. Learning a musical instrument is a very social activity so the most effective way to do so effectively when conducting violin classes for kids is to create games.

Here, she shares three games that any parent or violin teacher can play during lessons to make the content interesting for young students:

First Game: Play and Sing    

Some violin lessons are conducted in a group setting. The teacher can divide the group up into pairs. If there are twelve students in the group, then there would be six pairs in the violin class. If there are six students then you will end up with three pairs. It does not really matter whether there are many pairs or a few pairs. The most important thing is how to make use of the dynamics of duo to make the violin lesson interesting.   

Name each pair with a fun name which is linked to musical terms. For example, group one can be called “treble group”. Group two can be called “bass group”. Group three can be called “Crescendo group”. Group four “decrescendo group”. Group five “crochet group”. Group six “Quaver group”. This makes the grouping more interesting during violin lesson Singapore.  

Next, have student A of each group play a note on the violin. Student B will need to sing out that note. Each time the pitch is perfect, one point is scored. Then reverse and have student B play a note on the violin with student A singing the note. Do this a few rounds. The group which scores the highest point during this session in the violin lessons for kids wins. The winning group can be treated to cupcakes from the violin teacher.

Second Game: The Slur Challenge

Suppose that after four to eight violin classes for kids, the violin lesson will focus on learning how to play slurs on the violin. What is a slur? It is playing two different notes on the violin bow in one direction. 

In this game, if it is a one to one violin lesson, the teacher will pair with the student. If it is a group violin lesson scenario, then the grouping can be planned out as outlines in my point one above. 

First, play two different music notes on the violin. These can be open strings two notes, or a simple two note scale. Next, the child will follow the teacher by imitating the bow movement and the finger positions on the finger board. Take note that slur execution can be either down bow or up bow. This trains the mind to be flexible. This two note slur exercise can also be two notes of an arpeggio. Think for example, walking up the steps one by one, or taking two steps at a time when climbing up the stairs. This is a good analogy for scales versus arpeggio. A very good explanation any violin teacher can use when coaching the concept of playing slur during violin lessons. 

Next, the teacher can demonstrate at three note slur. This is playing three notes over one bow. The concept is to accomplish this so that each of the note value is even. Hence, if there are two notes in a slur, then the student needs to divide the bow into two and play the second note at the halfway point of the violin bow. If it is a three note slur technique which needs to be executed, then the student needs to visually divide the violin bow into three and change to the next notes at the one third and two third points. Asking that students visualize diving the violin bow into half or in thirds helps a lot in getting them to understand the concepts of slur execution during violin class for kids. 

After the student or students have mastered two note and three note slurs, the same exercise can be done by doing four note slurs and five note slurs.

Third Game: Round Robbin Playing

The third game requires all the students in the violin lesson to be able to play a simple song. This can be any simple song that is fun, for example, “Doe, A deer, a female deer”, “jingle bells”, “Deck the halls”. Each violin student needs to be able to play the song from memory and not rely on any music score. 

Once everyone is familiar with the song, space out the students into four groups. So if there are eight students in the violin class, then we will have four groups of two. If there are six students in the violin lesson for kids, then we may have two, two, one and one grouping.

The violin teacher can start off playing the first phrase of the song. Then group one can play the second phrase of the song. Followed by group three, the third phrase of the song and finally the fourth group the final phrase of the song. To spice up the violin class for kids, the teacher can arrow the group to play the next phrase without warning. Any group which plays the phrase without missing a beat gets awarded a point. 

The game can go a few rounds with different songs. At the end of the violin lesson session, the winning group wins a small prize such as stationery with musical motifs.

For cool and interesting violin lesson for kids, look no further than Stradivari Strings. Contact them today to arrange lessons. Your child will flourish under their violin teacher’s coaching 

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