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Some people prefer augmented learning over virtual while others go for virtual reality. Read more about “Virtual Reality In Education”


Curious to know the better option among augmented reality or virtual reality? Well, it is one of the most significant questions, and a lot of debate is going on it.

Some people prefer augmented learning over virtual while others go for virtual reality. But why is there a need for change in the education system is the current problem?

We are still practicing the old PowerPoint style for years, and now it is not bringing any significant change in the education system. Students are getting bored of it, and they do not find it productive to read the PowerPoint slides.

They complain that they are bound to study the limited things they have on their screen and are not getting the chance to explore more. And to some point, we all agree with this fact.

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PowerPoint is no doubt an elite way of teaching students but have you ever imagined for how long it can sustain? As the world is moving forward, it means we have to move forward.

We cannot stick with old PowerPoint learning when everything around is changing and developing. We need better options for learning, and they are incoming soon period.

Now, as the world is evolving, we need to bring change to our education system as well. The purpose of education is to understand and learn new things. And if the education system is not covering this purpose, it means there is a need for change.

Students are no longer interested in reading things present in front of them. They want to do things practically rather than just cramping the lines of books.

So, we need to bring the revolution in our teaching methods by introducing augmented reality and virtual reality in our education system. Both of them are completely different ways of learning and teaching.

They are not for a specific age group but suitable for everybody including, the kid studying in kindergarten. We have to get rid of the staple tool of learning by virtual reality or augmented reality as soon as possible.

Virtual reality:

Augmented reality is a type of education in which you can see the 3d impressive view of an Egyptian temple. If you look at the temple picture in your book, it is a single view of the temple. But if you have to look at the picture through virtual reality, you get to see the 3D view.

It is one of the most advanced forms of study and in which the 3D environment is created around you.  It is a virtual experience of reality in which the students can see things with a view of reality.

The tutors can create realistic scenarios in front of their students, and they can see it happening in front of them. For example, if you want to tell your student about marine life, you can make the scenario in front of them, and then they can see it on their tabs and smartphones.

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Virtual reality is inspired by games where everything happening with you is visible on the screen. And is one of the best ways of letting your students experience reality from close.

You can also use virtual reality techniques to teach students with special needs.  Some people have concentration problems, and for them, virtual reality is the best option. When they put on the virtual glasses they get excited. And their focus is diverted to the video playing in front of them.

Therefore, virtual reality can prove to be the best way of learning for hyperactive and attention deficit kids.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a type of learning in which you learn through pictures rather than words. And it is said that watching a picture in detail is more effective than cramping thousands of words.

When you cramp a paragraph, you forget it as soon as you cramp another. But when you see a photo, it stays in your memory a little longer. Therefore, it helps the students in getting better insights and understanding of the topic they are learning.

Augmented reality is a new and exciting way of learning things through visualization. It is an interactive way of learning in which the students actively participate and learn the chapter with new learning techniques.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are visual learning methods and are different from the traditional PowerPoint study. Now schools and colleges are looking for changing their traditional method of learning. They are approaching visual learning, and some can include it in their education system. 

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Now the eLearning platforms are also shifting to augmented and virtual reality. Even the online Quran classes for kids are also approaching for it. 

Today not all of the institutes are implementing AR or Vr, but in the upcoming years, they will. Everybody will be having access to new learning methods, and the education system will be improved.  

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