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What is the Best VPN for Samsung Galaxy? – Amir Articles

It is always better to use an excellent VPN to secure your computer data and enjoy free internet. Read about “VPN for Samsung Galaxy”


Whether you use a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to connect to the internet, it is always better to use an excellent VPN to secure your computer data and enjoy free internet without any restrictions. For your Samsung Galaxy, we will detail all the related information below.

What type of VPN to choose?

For your Samsung Galaxy, choose a paid VPN! If you use a free provider, you will face many limitations such as bandwidth, downloadable data volume, and also the use of VPN servers, which could prevent you from watching TF1 live.

The paid Virtual Private Network remains the best option to benefit from an optimal and good quality data security service or use best VPN extension for firefox.

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Which VPN protocol to choose?

There are currently many protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP… etc. For your Samsung Galaxy, choose the VPN protocol recommended by your service provider.

If there is a configuration app available for your Android, this is the best option. Otherwise, manual configuration is required. PPTP is very easy to configure on the Samsung Galaxy.

The possibilities offered by the VPN for Samsung Galaxy

Once your Virtual Private Network is installed on your Samsung Galaxy, you can enjoy the following advantages when you connect to the Internet:

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  • Security: VPN protocols will encrypt all computer data sent and received over the Internet. Thus, your connection would be safe from attack by hackers.
  • Anonymity: your real IP address will be hidden and replaced with a virtual IP address. Choose a VPN that offers many anonymous IPs if you want to change your IP address every time you visit a website. This is what will allow you to no longer leave personal traces on the Internet.
  • Freedom: Unblock your blocked websites with a VPN for Samsung Galaxy. To do this, use a VPN located in the country where your site to unblock is hosted. Services with a large number of servers are preferred, especially if you are looking for the best VPN for Netflix.

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To install a VPN on your Samsung Galaxy.

  • Go to your phone’s menu, then open settings and additional settings.
  • Then open a VPN and add a new VPN. Don’t forget to give your new configuration a name.
  • Then choose the protocol of your choice. PPTP is recommended because it adapts perfectly to Android devices
  • Enter the information provided by your server in the fields
  • Check PPP Encryption (MPPE) and save
  • For connection, you should use the connection information provided by your VPN service provider.

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