Water Cooler vs Water Dispenser

Water bottles take up too much space in our homes, and waiting for cold and hot water to come out of our taps is tiresome. Hence, we are all moving towards water coolers and water dispensers. Water dispensers and coolers are the perfect addition to your residential and commercial setup. Although people have started using the terms water coolers and water dispensers synonymously, they are both different. This post will understand the difference between the two and which will be a good buy for you. Scroll down!

What is a Water Cooler?

Water coolers are water containers that hold water in large quantities and dispense it through a tap. It has a compressor fit into it so you can have a handy cold and hot water. You need to press the button dedicated to hot and cold water, and you can sip water at your preferred temperature.

In addition, water coolers are attached to the electrical socket for the compressor to work. The number of taps in a water cooler may vary between one and three depending on the model and type of water cooler.

What is a Water Dispenser?

The water dispenser is nothing but a modified water container designed to collect water through the main water line or from a water tank. It has a single tap for the water to dispense through. Contrary to a water cooler, a water dispenser has no modern features such as dispensing hot or cold water. Instead, it dispenses the water at the n temperature. It has been used for a long time in offices and homes, for it makes it easier for people to access drinking water.

Differences Between Water Dispensers and Water Coolers

Water coolers and water dispensers are not the same. They have different ways of operating, along with many other things. You need to understand the difference in order to decide which one is the perfect fit for your requirements.

Inbuilt Compressor

Water coolers have inbuilt compressors to dispense hot and cold water as per the user requirements. On the other hand, water dispensers do not have advanced technology or compressors built to provide hot and cold water. They dispense water at the available temperature.

Electricity Requirement

Water Coolers require an electrical connection to work. Only an electric connection can ignite the heating and cooling system in water coolers. On the contrary, water dispensers do not need electrical connectivity. They are simple containers designed to assist in dispensing water from the main water pipes or through water tanks more efficiently.

Make Things Easier

Water coolers provide hot and cold water at the press of a button; hence, you can get help in preparing drinks and food that do not require deep cooking. For example, you can use the hot water from the water cooler to make tea and coffee. Whereas you can not do this using a water dispenser. They are good at dispensing the water at whatever available temperature it is at.

Which One Should You Buy?

Your choice will depend on the requirements at your home and office. Water coolers are the best for people who need an instant supply of hot and cold water. However, if you water to keep a container to keep the passerby hydrated, you can choose from a range of affordable water dispensers. Water dispensers are not very common these days but are a good buy to satisfy your needs. On the other hand, water coolers are expensive but popular and offer amazing features such as a child-lock system.

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Final Words

People have been using water coolers and water dispensers as synonyms without knowing that they are both different from each other. Not only in features, but they also have different operational criteria. While water coolers offer features like dispensing hot and cold water, a water dispenser will be your go-to to get water at room temperature. In addition, water dispensers have a single outlet, whereas water coolers have multiple outlets for dispensing cold, hot, and normal water. Choose yours after understanding the difference.

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