5 Ways to Avoid Poor Air Quality Indoors

5 Ways to Avoid Poor Air Quality Indoors

There are many factors involved in poor air quality. In a city, we often associate this phenomenon with pollution due to industry and exhaust from vehicles. Lately, however, it seems like more forest fires are occurring than ever before; this means that the threat of poor air can be a problem no matter where you live. 

Check the Forecast for Air Quality 

The easiest way to avoid breathing bad air is to keep track of the air quality in your area at all times.  The easiest and most reliable way to know whether any particular day will have air that contains an unhealthy amount of pollution is to follow your local air quality index provided by a trustworthy source. 

Knowing the current conditions will help you plan outdoor activities accordingly so that you and your family remain as safe as possible. 

Replace Your Windows

If your windows are older and starting to show wear, there is a good chance that they will allow the air from outside to pass freely into your home. Drafty windows are a problem regarding the air quality inside your home, but they will also take a toll on your power bill because heat will escape during the winter, and cool air will get out during the hot summer months. 

To ensure that your home is sealed correctly, get a professional window installation done by a company that can offer high-quality windows. 

Don’t Allow Tobacco Smoke Indoors

While it is vital to remain vigilant about poor air quality outdoors entering your home, another factor in poor air quality regards the smoke that people make themselves. It may not be reported as often in the media as it once was, but cigarette smoke remains one of the leading causes of death in Canada. If you must smoke, be sure to go outside. 

Avoid Smoke from Firewood

Another source of smoke that you should avoid allowing into your home is firewood. If you have a fireplace or wood stove in your home, ensure that they are consistently maintained to avoid allowing the smoke to enter your living space. Likewise, maintain proper ventilation in your kitchen so that any smoke caused by accidental burning food can quickly dissipate.  

Live Away from Pollution Sources

One of the best ways to breathe cleaner air on a day-to-day basis is to live in an area that isn’t nearby any significant sources of pollution. The air conditions of the area where you live should be considered by anyone looking for a new place to live, whether you own or rent. Some of the most vital things to avoid include

  • Major Highways
  • High Pollution Industry
  • Coal or Oil Burning Power Plants 
  • Airports 

Your home is the place where you spend the majority of your free time. While it is impossible to avoid all pollutants, you can live a much healthier lifestyle and prevent illness by keeping your home filled with clean air. 

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