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Effective Ways to Identify Rat Infestation in 2021 – Amir Articles

Rats are squeaky mammals invading our homes as if their own. Read about Ways to Identify Rat Infestation and how to solve problems.


Rats are squeaky mammals invading our homes as if their own. The nights of winters not only bring the comfort of warm beds and heated rooms. In fact, according to a survey done by the National Pest Management Association, 45% of rats and rodents infestations crop up in winters.

Regardless of the weather, most of us still consider rats as vile pests since the filth they bring with them could be even fatal in some cases. You may not even see a rat running along with the corners of your house unless the infestation is severe. And the only solution, to negate the adversaries they bring along with them is to hire rat control surrey services.

Wondering how to know if your home is infested by rats? Read on to know about some clear signs that indicate a rat infestation situation:

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Rats adopt a dark and secluded spot for nesting. Most of them establish several nesting sites or burrows and the rat family will keep moving between them. They often burrow among shrub roots and overgrown vegetation, or below garbage and wooden piles.

Rats are great swimmers, even pools and water hoses can be adapted by them as a perfect hideout. Look out for rat holes and burrows in the nearby wasteland or dead trees. In buildings, rats are most likely to nest at lower levels such as basements or garages. They need plenty of water on a daily basis, so they nest near a spot where there’s a constant supply of water.


If you spot any rat droppings, there is a doubtless plight that a healthy feeding rat population has breached around you. Rats drop around 40-50 pellets of feces per day, so you will not remain unaware of a rat infestation for too long.

Also, they tend to lay their droppings around food packages in kitchen cabinets, behind drawers or in a fairly open habitat, such as an attic space, along the walls of the garage, around a corner under the shed or behind storage boxes.

Musty Stench

The presence of a musty and stale stink from various hidden corners indicate a thriving rat population in the human environment. The odor of rat urine throughout a place is an alarming sign as it indicates that rats are marking their boundaries to be comfortable in your space. Moreover, when a rat is about to die, it hides in the back-most parts of a house or workplace to die alone in peace which inevitably leaves behind the noxious smell of its corpse.


If you start noticing gnawed pieces of fabric, shredded paper or holes in wooden furniture or plastic chattels, get yourself ready to heed an infestation of intrusive rats. Rat’s teeth never stop growing so they constantly gnaw on literally any object they find to keep their teeth intact.

They commonly gnaw on cables, electric wires, nylon bags and almost anything made of rubber. Furthermore, they basically feed on anything they find, they can even chew rocks to make their way past an opening. So, inspect the packing on every food package you or your pet consumes, because rats use their strong gnawing teeth to pinch holes in food packages in order to chew the food inside. While they might not be able to finish a meal, but their leftovers can be extremely dangerous, even poisonous, for you or your pet. Keep an eye check on each gap, where pipework leaves your space. You check this south African whatsapp group links.

Squeaky Noises

Late nights are the favorite time of rats to rush in pursuit of food. These pests are most active during the night, and if you are up by that time, you will clearly notice the scratching, scampering and squeaking noises.

Rats communicate various emotions among themselves by using different frequencies of noise. Since compost heaps contain food, they are attracted towards it, and they even communicate to signal other rats where to find warmth and food. Always check the lids and beneath the bins if you hear rat chattering noises.

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Rats have poor eyesight due to which they are brushed against surfaces like walls or fencings, even furniture. The grease and dirt on rat’s fur are smeared on these surfaces, leaving behind a fairly visible smudge. Examine the walls and baseboard sidings for greasy smudges as that could be evidence of rat activity around that area.

In a nutshell, rat infestations could be a threat to human health as well as the strength of a building’s structure. So, look out for the above-mentioned apperceptions timely and contact local pest exterminators before things get out of hand. Hope you love reading “Ways to Identify Rat Infestation”

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