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9 Ways to Lower Energy Bills this Summer

Energy bills are getting more expensive every year. The cost of energy keeps rising every so consistently. Also, the energy produced from natural resources, has a negative impact on the environment as well. More energy we use that is produced from natural resources, more of them will have to be used up. So, by keeping energy spending low, we will also contribute to the environment as well in a positive way.

Homes and businesses today naturally depend on energy. Electricity is the power source we need to run all our appliances and equipment. This energy dependency has also led to new safer energy sources being developed. Solar power systems with solar panels and batteries offer sustainable energy for homes and businesses. These need to be made more mainstream to lower our carbon footprint.

1: Start with an Efficient Energy Audit

How much energy in your home or office is going to waste? Are you spending more energy than you should? Can you save on energy bills with intelligent measures? You will never know the answer to these questions until you do a proper energy audit.

Pay attention to the total energy consumed in your house or office in a month. Also, consider a number of empty rooms that still have appliances like air conditioning or heating and lights turned on. This should give you a fair idea of how much energy is being wasted. Once you know this, plan how to reduce waste.

2: Make Use of Natural Daylight as Much as Possible

Natural daylight illumination does wonders to energy savings. Large offices and workplaces, in particular, can use natural daylight to save great energy spends. When you consider the artificial lighting in use for large offices, making use of natural daylight can help save great sums of energy bills.

Using natural daylight during the light hours of the day is very easy. All you need is large windows. If your workplace or home is in a cold or warm place, make sure to insulate windows properly. Let the light come in to keep your energy costs low by reducing artificial lighting requirements.

3: Use Smart Lights or Turn Off When Not in Use

Most energy waste is attributed to appliances not being turned off when not in use. Lights are naturally the worst that is kept running when not in use. Fortunately, there is a solution now. Smart lights that work on motion sensors or time of day basis help save energy to waste on lights.

These smart lights turn off when there is nobody in the room at all. During the daylight hours, you can program these smart lights to stay turned off promoting natural illumination. The best part is that smart lights don’t cost a lot more than regular lights.

4: Replace Bulbs with LED Lights

Lightbulbs take up a lot of energy. More advanced Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights use much less energy. These are types of low energy lights that help save greatly on energy bills. Also, they will use much less energy as well reducing your wasteful energy consumption.

In-office, where you need a lot of lighting during the dark hours, LED lights are the best option. Also, you’d find that LED lights are actually cheaper than some other types of lightbulbs. They help reduce energy costs, use less energy, last longer than bulbs and are cheaper to get. A winning combination.

5: Use All Appliances Smartly

In addition to lighting, all other appliances need to be smartly used as well. Air conditioning, heating systems, air purifiers and/or entertainment systems need to be turned off when not in use. Air condition and heating systems on their own cause the most energy waste in modern houses and offices.

Smart appliances can help save big on energy costs and energy consumption. Motion or body detection systems are available that can be integrated in existing heating or air conditioning systems. Remote operation with smartphone apps connectivity provides a great control over appliances as well.

6: Invest in Advanced Home Systems and Thermostats

Thermostats are responsible for maintaining any interior temperatures. These modern devices keep your home or office at pleasant configured temperatures. However, most thermostats in operation today, don’t use any smart technology. A lot of energy bills can be saved with thermostats.

Simply, they would keep the interiors at a set temperature at all times. Even if there is nobody home or in a room, temperature will still be regulated. More modern and advanced home systems and thermostats help make this better. They will turn on heating or cooling only for rooms with people.

7: Use Window and Wall Insulation Efficiently

The biggest reason for heating and cooling systems over-working is outside temperatures finding their way in. Even the smallest gap in a window or door can let in cold air during winter. Let your windows stay open during a winter night and the room might never be able to warm up properly.

It is very important to insulate your walls and windows properly. Walls insulation should be a priority when building the house. Window insulation can be added if missing as well. Double glazed windows work best and you need some forms of insulating blinds or thick fabrics on there as well.

8: Use Energy-Efficient Equipment

Modern equipment is getting more energy efficient. Newer technology is enabling equipment and appliances to produce same results by using less energy. Inverter technology has come a long way recently. Make it a priority to use low energy equipment and appliances to save more energy bills.

Energy costs and energy consumption can be reduced efficiently with energy-efficient appliances and equipment. Office printers, scanners, computers and about every piece of equipment for the home are now available with low-energy versions. Invest in them to save lots for the future.

9: Use Renewable Energy Sources Like Solar Energy

Best solar panels and solar storage systems are still the most sustainable forms of energy we know. Renewable energy from solar power systems can provide energy for all appliances and equipment. Of course, when you go solar, you will not have to worry about energy costs or spending at all.

Converting all your energy needs to solar will eliminate energy bills altogether. It is a one-time investment that will pay of for years and decades to come. Solar battery systems with panels and inverters last decades on end with very little maintenance required.

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