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Ways To Save Water at Home: Water-Saving Faucets At RONA In Canada Is The One!

No doubt, one of the most valuable resources on the earth’s planet is water. But the shortage of this precious resource has become a universal concern. We all have to come forward to save or conserve water. For this, every individual can put some effort at their level. Your home is the best place to start this noble cause.

So, here we have listed a few useful tips to help you save water at home:

Check your Household leaks: You will be surprised to know that one of the major causes of wastage of water is leakage in your house. There are many places in your house where water is leaking, such as in the Water Supply Line, Faucet, Shower, toilets, etc. So, make sure to check these areas.

For checking the water leakage, you can do a simple test. Go and take the reading of the water meter and then shut down all the water devices. You have to read it again after three hours. If the reading of the meter changes, then it is sure that your house has a leakage problem.

You have to call a plumber to repair the leakage in your house. This will save hundreds of gallons of water per year.

Install Water-saving toilets: You may have seen or heard about water-sense toilets from the past few years. You can install these toilets in your house. These can help to reduce water wastage which ultimately cuts down your monthly water bills.

You can buy these water sense toilets from RONA Canada using Rona Flyers to save extra money. You can check the latest Rona flyer to leverage the best deals for the conservation of water. These toilets use 20% less water than normal ones.

Use Water sense Faucets: You can use 30% less water if you install water-saving faucets in your bathroom and kitchen. You can buy WaterSense® certified faucets and showerheads from Rona in Canada. It will cut down both your expenses and the wastage of water.

Use Dishwasher Properly: If you run a dishwasher with a full load capacity, you will be surprised to know that it saves more water than washing the utensils with hands. But you have to buy energy-efficient dishwashers to save your hard-earned money. You can buy using Rona flyer in Canada to save initial cost.

You have to take care of some points before using a Dishwasher, like skip the pre-rinsing of utensils before loading the Dishwasher, air dry your utensils, pick the right size according to your family, etc.

Saving water in the garden: You may have a garden in your house to enhance its beauty. But when you water your plants, keep these simple things in mind to make better water use, such as using a soaker hose, reusing gray water for watering, avoiding excess watering, building a rain barrel, etc.

Also, to moisten the soil, you can put down a layer of mulch, select small plants, reduce the usage of fertilizers, etc., to minimize the need for watering for your plant.

Keep drinking water in the fridge: If every time you need cold water to drink, you should keep your water bottles or pitcher in the refrigerator. This way, you wouldn’t need to open the tap for fresh and cold water, every time you feel thirsty. This will help you to reduce the wastage of water.

Shorten your shower time: To save water, you can take short showers or less frequent showers. According to studies, most people take 8 minutes long showers and use 2.5 gallons of water per minute. This shows how much water is wasted per year for a person only for a shower.

So, cut down your showering time to 3 minutes; if possible, it will save hundreds of gallons of water by only one person.

We hope by following the above tips, you will start to save the water from today.

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