How to Wear High Heel Boots this Winter?

Wear High Heel Boots this Winter

Read about how to Wear High Heel Boots this Winter? We recommend looking for fresh ideas from fashion bloggers. Read more details about it.


Boots with heels – maybe not the most comfortable shoes for the winter, but definitely the most beautiful. Such couples instantly raise self-esteem and make the image sophisticated and elegant. This season, not only the classics are in trend: along with black boots with heels, white, caramel, beige, brown and even red appear.

Of course, each of these pairs must be worn correctly. We have already written about the common mistakes that happen when choosing an image with fur heel boots. Now we show some examples of how to combine these shoes correctly. We recommend looking for fresh ideas from fashion bloggers. We have selected the coolest kits for you to take on board this winter.

With a plaid skirt and a beige sweater

Winter boots don’t have to be black. Brown, caramel or terracotta options look very fresh and fashionable. Fashionista Jessie Bush wears them with a trendy high school plaid skirt and oversized beige sweater. Taking into account our frosts, such a set can be beaten with a down jacket and tight tights. 

With everything white

Who said light shades are only for the summer season? In winter, against the background of gray streets, white things look very advantageous. Of course, such a shade cannot be called practical, but we need fashion in order to perform not only utilitarian functions, but also just to please the eye. Take an example from Deborah Brosa, who is not afraid to dress in white from head to toe. 

With a silk skirt

Frenchwoman Camille Charier is a fan of casual elegance. Her fashionable winter formula is white high-heeled boots, a silk skirt, a leather shirt, and a cashmere sweater. In theory, a bold mix of textures looks too overloaded, but in reality it’s the opposite: easy, feminine and very fashionable, Said Deniel C. from buy college essays online and essay writer.

With a variegated coat

Emily Syndlev, who can write my assignment, as always, urges not to be afraid of bright colors. She wears red high-heeled boots with a variegated green coat. Thought such a tandem was a complete disaster? Take a look at the image of a Scandinavian fashionista – all shades look very harmonious. You could even take a chance and add small pink accents like a purse or top. 

With a men’s coat and a white top

Boots with a gathered shaft are best combined with a laconic coat of a man’s cut. Outerwear does not draw attention to itself, leaving the main role of white shoes. Complete the look with a trendy hobo bag and a white top – this way you can conquer everyone at a business meeting.

With a vintage jacket

Chanel boots are an Instagram hit this season. As soon as women of fashion wore them, but the most unusual and at the same time comfortable image turned out to be from Erica Boldrin. The girl prefers to combine boots with a vintage beige jacket, a scarf instead of a scarf and tight black trousers. For leisurely Sunday walks or office days, there is no more perfect set. 

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