CL 5 – Coronavirus Checklist 3 – Weird Facts about Coronavirus

CL 5 – Coronavirus Checklist 3 – Weird Facts about Coronavirus

A lot of people think about Corona Virus completely different from each other. Read about these Weird facts to Clear your mind Forever.


Corona Virus is considered the most deadly virus in the last few decades, especially by Media Channels and those in favor of permanent lockdowns. But some facts may open your eyes, and we want to expose these lies spread everywhere. We strongly suggest you read our other two articles that you can easily access by reading the full article below. 

One article can help you check yourself and family members against Corona Virus. If you pass this checklist, you can consider yourself safe, and no need to worry about 2nd or 3rd wave. The second article explains what steps you can take after getting infected by this virus. Truth me, both articles can help you a lot because the content you can find differs from mainstream media or their lies. 

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Weird Facts About Corona Virus

1- Death Rate

As per World Meter, over 1.2 million are already dead because of this virus. But can you understand the truth behind these deaths?

  1. Most people who die because of the Corona Virus are very old because they have a weak immune system. 
  2. At the start of a few months, there were thousands of people in hospitals because everyone gets scared of a new virus. Hospital people consider it the most deadly virus of all time and ignore older people. They didn’t know this virus cant kill young or healthy people. Thousands of deaths behind this large number are connected to ignoring older people at the start of this virus spreading. 
  3. Another reason behind the increase in the death rate is people already suffering from a deadly disease. This virus can quickly affect and kill people who already suffer from other life-threatening diseases. 
  4. Many people were declared as Corona patients and sent home to isolate themself. But if they die because of any other reason like an accident, heart attack, the hospital still considers them dead from the Coronavirus. 
  5. Unfortunately, If someone is infected with corona and some other diseases which can kill them altogether, the hospital always loves to consider their death as Coronavirus, not other conditions. 
  6. Can you believe that more people are dying every year from Flu-related diseases worldwide compared to Corona Virus? Why are there no lockdowns every year or declared emergency everywhere?

2- Infection Rate

As per World Meter, there are over 12 million people infected all over the world. But can you understand the truth behind these patients?

  1. Most people considered as infected from Corona may never feel any symptoms at all. But the Media is always spreading news everywhere about the high infection rate. 
  2. Can you understand some weird facts related to testing abilities? Few people were declared as Corona patients in one hospital and cleared from others. That looks weird if we compare it with millions of cases all over the world. Everyone can’t believe in these tests or their results. 
  3. The death rate compared to the infection rate is less than 1 %, making this virus less deadly compared to some other diseases. 

3- Useless Lockdowns or Masks

Every Gov, Media, Hospitals, and large corporations are crying worldwide for strict lockdown. But there are some facts you may never know before; read below to clear your mind.

  1. Countries like Sweden decided not to put lockdown in their country. When the whole world was shut down completely, millions of people lost their jobs; Sweden still became the 1st country in the world who refused to lockdown. But infection rate and death rates are far less in Sweden compare to Europe or the USA. 
  2. Other countries like Pakistan decided to put a smart lockdown strategy. It means they will only put lockdown in those areas where the virus spread fast for 14 days. But the rest of the country will live in everyday life without lockdown. Can you compare smart lockdown with a complete shutdown in Europe and America? How many people are dead in Pakistan, and how much increase in infection rate? There are only 6000 deaths and fewer infection rates in Pakistan, but how it’s possible? 
  3. Some countries plan to put lockdown in their counties like the UK, Biden, in America to shut down again. But there is one weird fact which everyone ignores. Are these countries going to shut down everything after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th waves? Why it’s not possible to live with this virus and start everyday life?

4- Transfer of Wealth from Millions to Few People

Lockdown can only help rich people earn more money and destroy the life of common people. Read some weird facts which may surprise you. 

Some of you may think about how rich people can increase their wealth because of lockdown. It’s the same money which was supposed to distribute to millions of people, and now they have nothing left. You can understand it with some examples below.

  1. We try to understand it with the example of restaurants with 20000 people working for them. People are no longer able to visit these restaurants, which means there is no need to pay workers anymore. Most people will order food from the same restaurants these days. There is no need for 25 people for one restaurant, clean areas every day, or be involved in different activities that cost money. But people can’t stop eating; they must order the same food from these restaurants. All money that was supposed to pay these workers by restaurant owners for their jobs is saved for themself. 
  2. Too many shops are already closed where millions of people work every month. But no one can stop purchasing items they need in everyday life. Now online sites like Amazon have become the most visited all over America. The same people who visit different shops and purchase from them are ordering online. Millions of jobs are saved, and their money is transferred to a few wealthy people who still sell their products without many expenses. 

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5- Impossible to Save Yourself

Saving Yourself from Coronavirus is almost impossible these days. A lot of people stop living their life to protect themself from getting infected. But many people are already infected who spend the last few months doing everything possible. Read some facts which will convince you to live an everyday life by following simple protocols. 

  1. We can stop shaking hands, meeting with relatives, stay at home, but there is no way to stop eating. Most people cook at home, some order from restaurants, and that’s when they can quickly get infected. Virus on food parcel, maybe a cook in infected, and many ways make it impossible to save yourself. 
  2. Jobs are an essential part of life or business to earn good money for our family. How can we save ourselves when doing a job? Many other people are working there who can spread infection. Sometimes we need to deal with customers involved in the cleaning process, making it impossible to save ourselves from coronavirus.

6- Popular Conspiracy Theories

There are some Conspiracy Theories and rumors worldwide, which you need to know because, in some cases, these are weird facts. 

  1. Some people believe that there is some kind of vaccine coming in the future by Bill Gates. Most of them consider it a human control vaccine that will collect complete information about all humans with hidden trackers’ help. Looks weird, but that’s what many people consider truth and blame Bill Gate for everything. 
  2. People are already talking about fake vaccine creation all over the world. They believe that the vaccine is ready to control humans already. But secret powers will only release it after they destroy the whole world economy or achieve their targets. 
  3. Some people believe that only 5% of people died from coronavirus and all other stats are entirely fake. Hospitals already counted everyone dies from different reasons to be added in the list of Coronavirus death. It looks like other diseases are sleeping or run away, and the only coronavirus is left in the world to kill people. 

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The death rate from other reasons all over the world is decreased because of coronavirus. People always consider it to avoid traveling, staying home, and that means fewer deaths from accidents. People lost their jobs, unable to live everyday life to purchase expensive junk food every day. Many diseases caused by junk food are gone; it means less death rate than everyday life.
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