What Are Sleeper Earrings and When Do You Need to Wear It?

Complete guide about what are Sleeper Earrings, When Do You Need to Wear Sleeper Earrings, and Which Material these Earrings Are Made Of?


We know that there are a plethora of fine and fashion jewelry designs, but amongst them, there is a specific type of earrings called sleeper earrings. Are you aware of it? If not, then this document is a must to read. Stay here for a while and explore this distinct type of earrings.

You will not only get to know about it in depth but also figure out when you could wear it. So, without wasting a moment, let’s dig into it.

What Exactly Are Sleeper Earrings?

Every earring, more or less, is made for the same purpose. What differs sleeper earrings from other categories is that you could easily sleep with these. Due to this feature, they are called sleeper earrings. They are very lightweight, placid, and provide a relaxed and homey sleep. Further to this, you don’t have a restriction of wearing posts to support the earring.

Sleeper earrings are mostly available in the form of tiny hoop earrings. It doesn’t require much effort to take on and off them. Its other type is small stud earrings which generally have smooth and short posts which will not put you in trouble.

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When Do You Need to Wear Sleeper Earrings?

Have you ever thought about what to wear after new ear piercing?

When your earlobes are swollen, red and you often sense itching and discharge, then sleeper earrings are adequate for you. These are the perfect earrings for girls to wear when they get their ear pierced. Also known as starter earrings, you must have these when you decide to go for ear piercing.

Not all earrings are comfortable to wear while sleeping. So, it becomes necessary to use sleeper earrings after fresh ear piercing when you would like to sleep or want to have a nap. Same goes for the children of those people who don’t want to change their earrings regularly. It will not only provide comfort to your ears but would be a blessing to your newly pierced ears.

Which Material Sleeper Earrings Are Made Of?

Another worthy question on your mind could be about the material sleeper earrings are made of. Answering your question, the materials of which sleeper earrings are made of include gold, sterling silver and surgical steel. These materials are hypoallergenic and 100% safe to wear whereby you will be worry-free about irritation and discomfort.

Since no one likes to tear their ears so wear sleeper earrings unless and until your ears are healed or even after that. If you think you are allergic to some of, the material of the earrings then keep these in your jewellery container.

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Final Thought:

When you make a plan to explore new earrings designs, then don’t forget about sleeper earrings. This document has put forth so many reasons to be a wearer of it. It is up to you to take a shower or sleep with these earrings, and nothing would go wrong. There will be minimal to no issues with sleeper earrings.

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