What are the Latest Peterbilt Models?

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When you ask truck drivers what they believe the best semi-truck brands are, it’s very likely that they’ll mention Peterbilt, and there are good reasons for that. The most important reason? Peterbilt has proven time and time again that their trucks are built to last and are reliable big rigs, no matter what a trucker expects to transport. But it’s not just about the brand or manufacturer. When you want to get more specific, you have to look at the different models to figure out which one is best suited for the job. 

Most of the time, a new Peterbilt model series has just minor feature upgrades and some variations to the interior. Starting in 2012, however, this manufacturer put their iconic truck designs aside, so that the differences between models now involved the design, engine, and various features. That said, what are the latest Peterbilt models, and how do they differ?

Peterbilt 389

The 389 was first made available in 2007 and is among the oldest of the manufacturer’s Class 8 trucks. The body is lightweight and designed to be as aerodynamic and efficient as possible. This “Icon of the Highway” is well equipped to handle long hauls, with a spacious interior that’s both functional and comfortable.

This model can be equipped with the SmartNav™ system to help drivers navigate better and keep themselves entertained thanks to the fully integrated audio system that can play either satellite radio or whatever is on one’s playlist. Since it’s built for driver comfort and fuel efficiency, it’s no wonder this extremely reliable truck is a go-to for many truckers.

Peterbilt 567

Built as a vocational and severe-service truck, the 567 was first released in 2013. Ergonomics are the hallmark of this model, evidenced by the wide-cushioned seats that come with back support and use extremely dense foam. The steering column is also fully adjustable, and there’s enough legroom for drivers to move and adjust as needed.

Like the 389, the 567 can be equipped with the SmartNav™ system and comes with the company’s SmartAir system for efficient climate control. In other words, drivers in a 557 won’t just be able to navigate better and stay entertained, but they’ll be as comfortable as possible, too. 

Peterbilt 579

First released in 2012, this on-highway semi-tractor is designed to be aerodynamic on the outside, and ergonomic on the inside. The focus is on comfort without compromising utility, with controls that are easy to reach and an instrumentation panel with convenient gauges so that any driver can get all the information they need at a glance. 

Like the first two models mentioned above, the Peterbilt 579 can be equipped with the SmartNav™ system. The 579 also comes with four sleeper options, depending on the desired level of comfort. Three of these options come with liftable bunks, space for a mid-sized refrigerator, and lots of storage as well as a pull-out workstation. Given all that, there’s no question that this truck was designed to serve as a home away from home when necessary.
Peterbilt also has medium-duty trucks, falling within Classes 5 to 7, but if you’re looking for a heavy-duty rig, the three models mentioned are a very good place to start. To find a Peterbilt 579 for sale that suits your needs, check out this page.

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