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What Are the Purpose of Barcodes and How Do They Work?

Barcodes are, quite literally, everywhere. You’ll see them in supermarkets, clothes shops, warehouses, invoices, identification cards, and many other places. Those simple images of parallel black and white bars help in a myriad of ways and barcode information easily readable with a barcode reader. Read more about Purpose of Barcodes blow.

Barcodes have a wide range of purposes and are applied to items in order to quickly identify them. In this blog post, we will look at the history of barcodes, their purpose, and some of their many benefits.

When Was the Barcode Invented?

The barcode that you will see most commonly is the UPC-A barcode, which adorns a huge range of products, including food items. The very first barcode was invented by two Americans in 1948, with the invention based on Morse code. This barcode looked more like a bullseye and was not practical due to technological limitations.

Over the following two decades, new types of barcodes were designed and gradually became commercially successful as a way to automate supermarket checkout systems. Today, its use expands far beyond the supermarket.

How Does a Barcode Work?

Basically, a barcode encodes information in a visual pattern, read by a barcode reader. The black and white lines represent text characters that can be deciphered by the reader.

A business, such as a supermarket, is able to decide the information that they wish to collect with the barcode. Such information may include type, quantity, price, and color.

What Are the Benefits of Barcodes?

Barcodes are a wonderfully useful tool to cut costs and save time. Let’s look at some of the most common benefits of barcodes.

Eliminate Human Error

When data is manually entered, there is a far greater chance of an error occurring compared to using a barcode and reader. Scanning a barcode is fast and reliable.

Reduce Employee Training Time

It only takes a matter of minutes to learn how to correctly use a barcode reader. Thanks to barcodes, new employees do not have to become familiar with a whole inventory of products or a specific pricing procedure. This helps to save time as well as money for businesses.

Improve Inventory Control

With a bar code scanning app, it is easy to track inventory in a precise manner. The location of products can be tracked, which reduces the time spent locating them. Being able to keep track of inventory reduces the likelihood of overstocking on products, which helps to reduce overheads.

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Discover the Many Benefits of Barcodes for Yourself

Blip, blip, blip! Those sounds are very familiar if you have ever been to a supermarket. Barcodes have greatly improved efficiency in a wide range of businesses and industries. If you are a business, your efficiency and understanding of your stock can be greatly enhanced through the implementation of barcodes.

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