What are the Types of Bongs in the Market?

Bongs come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. Truth be told, it may seem there is no end to the variety of designs that you can find, which makes choosing a device a tad difficult, especially for new users.

Bongs are some of the most popular smoking devices and their use is traceable to ancient times when royalties used them to smoke dry herbs. In modern times, manufacturers are getting more creative and are churning out exquisite designs that will appeal to a wide range of smokers.

When choosing a bong, several things come into play. In this post, we will look at the various types of bongs with their features. With this, you should be able to make an informed purchase decision when next you are shopping for a piece.

Types of Bongs

Types of Bongs

·         Percolator Bongs

These come in different shapes and brands. As the name suggests, it comes with a percolator, which makes it possible for the smoke to get cooled and filtered before it is inhaled. The percolator gives the smoke a bubbling effect in the water, which can be attractive to watch.

The percolators can be placed at the lower part of the bong or stay in their chambers. The extra layer of smoke filtration that comes with most percolator brands makes it more pleasurable and smooth to inhale.

As mentioned, there are several types of percolators and they are designed to appeal to different types of users. It is worth mentioning that this type of bong is more expensive than the traditional water pipes.

·         Ice Bongs

These devices are popular for their ice pinch or ice notch that stores ice. In the real sense, ice bongs are standard glass bongs but with an extra ice pinch feature. It is a more advanced design that allows the storage of ice cubes in the chambers.

Ice Bongs

Ice bongs are believed to deliver one of the smoothest hits you can ever get from a bong. Bongs that come with an ice catcher make the smoking experience smoother and easier to inhale. It is often a top choice for new smokers who cannot handle hot smoke well.

It is worth mentioning that water is also added to the bong to create a void effect that makes it possible for smokers to get a perfect hit from their flower. What the ice does is cut out the edge from the severity of the smoke in the throat of the smoker. Ice bongs are more expensive than other bongs, which is attributed to the quality.

With the glowing features that it has, an ice bong also has its downsides. The ice cube can get clogged inside the chambers, which can be difficult to remove during cleaning. The only solution is to wait for the ice to melt away before cleaning it. While this may delay your smoking experience, you just have to wait it out all the same.

·         Beaker Bongs

These come in stylish designs and appeal to a cross-section of users, irrespective of whether you prefer smoking through a bong or a dab rig. The broader shape of a beaker bong provides a more stable base that easily holds more water. The additional water storage space makes the regulation of the percolator filtration easy.

It also supports the level of drag resistance when inhaling. Smokers use the beaker bong with a removable downstem and a bowl piece or a concentrate nail. It requires less frequent cleaning and when you need to clean, it is pretty easy to do.

·         Silicone Bongs

The trend and popularity of silicone bongs are growing gradually and in recent months, they have become more popular among smokers. They range from silicone bongs to silicone pipes and silicone dab rigs.

One of the best features of this product is that it is easy to handle. You never have to worry that it will break or crack even when you bend it. It is also easy to clean because you can twist and bend it to get the tar and dirt out of it. Silicone bongs are also extremely portable and sturdy.

The best part is that they are affordable. Just as it has some great features and advantages, it also has some downsides. Many people believe that the silicone bong gives a bad hit because it sucks in when people smoke from it.

Additionally, the smoke is also a bit harsh compared to the smoke from a glass bong. Many users have reported that it adds a mild plastic taste to the flavor of their concentrates.

·         Thick Glass Bongs

Thickness and quality matter when choosing a glass bong. That is because a high-quality and thick glass bong will ensure durability and will be less likely to break from handling. The quality of the glass used in making a glass bong is crucial as it enables you to know the strength of the glass.

When you choose a low-end glass piece, the piece may be weak, which means it can break easily. However, a high-quality glass will be strong and more pristine. Ideally, the thickness of a glass device should range from 3-12mm. The thickness will affect the weight and durability.

According to reports, thick glass bongs are thought to be more hygienic than others because they are easy to clean. Based on the quality and thickness of the glass, you can employ different cleaning methods.

Most medical users of bongs prefer the glass type because it is hygienic and would not affect the taste or flavor of your herb. They produce and deliver smooth drags and work well with different concentrates and herbs.


These are the types of bongs that you can find in the market. They are considered the best because major improvements have been carried out on their structures and design over time. This makes them safer and more convenient to use. When next you are shopping for a bong, these are some great pieces you can consider.

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