What are Three Types of Paper Packaging?

Depending upon the product to be packaged, there are different types of materials available to get the job done. As for paper packaging, there are three different types of materials available to package goods. Their different configurations such as thickness or layers determine the strength and durability they offer to different segments.

Each having a different application, it all depends upon the requirements of the product which is to be packed and the manufacturer’s choice of material. Everyday usage of retail items, confectionaries, gifts and shipping goods can be effectively packaged in one of the three above-mentioned materials. Being 100% recyclable, paper-based packaging offers you the peace of mind you need while selling your goods that you are not doing any harm to the environment whatsoever. With its use being grown exponentially, this type of packaging has definitely the first choice of almost every product manufacturer.

So, Which Type of Paper Packaging is Good for You?

Packaging is the very first thing a customer interacts with, and not the actual product itself. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that packaging plays an extremely important role in determining whether your products will be able to sell themselves in retail stores or not.

Not only packaging enhances the perceived value of the product packed inside, it also gives it the protection it needs and keeps it intact. With a variety of options available in the market aside from paper packaging, it becomes extremely difficult to choose which one you should go for. Keep on reading to determine which type of paper packaging is suitable for your needs so you don’t ever feel confused.

1. Cardboard – A Universal Packaging Choice:

Sometimes also referred to as paperboard or SBS (Solid Bleached Sulphate) paperboard, cardboard has become a universal choice for packaging goods due to the range of benefits it offers. The main difference between paperboard and cardboard is the thickness and number of layers, with paperboard being less thick and cardboard more than paperboard. If you are looking for a cardboard packaging solution this website manufacture cardboard boxes as per requirements. Here are the highlighting features of cardboard should you choose it for your packaging.

  • Lightweight yet Durable: Cardboard is lightweight as compared to other packaging options but doesn’t be fooled by its less weight. It offers your products the protection they need from everything coming to harm them.
  • Range of Custom Shapes & Styles Available: Cardboard can be shaped to obtain any kind of custom shape or style you want. From traditional rectangular or cubical to upscale gable or pillow, you can have any type of box you want with cardboard.
  • Thickness Variations: Depending upon the product you want to pack, you can choose different thicknesses for cardboard to make it extra durable and ensure your paper packaging sustains the weight of the product without getting damaged.
  • Applications: The applications of cardboard range from cosmetics to bakery items, and from medicines to frozen food items.

2. Kraft – for A More Natural Feel:

Made through the Kraft process from cardboard, Kraft is the most eco-friendly choice you can go for. Free from any bleaching and with the benefit of chemicals used in its making process recovered for further use, Kraft is as earth-friendly as it gets. Although Kraft is not as durable as cardboard, there is a range of features that make it suitable for packaging items. Some of the highlighting features of Kraft are listed below.

  • Textured / Natural Feel: Kraft’s surface offers a textured finish, making it feel good more natural.
  • Lesser Shipping Costs: As Kraft doesn’t have too much weight, the products packaged in Kraft material can be shipped without having to bear too many shipping costs.
  • Durability and Long Term Usability: Although Kraft is not as strong and robust as cardboard, it still offers quite a significant amount of protection to the products packaged inside. Kraft envelopes last longer than ordinary paperboard and can be used over and over again.
  • Gift Wrapping: Kraft paper is the ideal choice for wrapping gift items.

3. Corrugated – for Shipping Requirements:

Corrugated material is basically multiple layers of cardboard with layers of zig-zag corrugate placed inside. Being extremely durable, corrugate is the ideal choice for shipping or mailing items over long distances. You can go for multiple layers of corrugate if you are looking for ultimate protection for heavier items, this material has got what it takes to carry heavier goods over long distances. Below are some of the important characteristics of corrugated material.

  • Durability: As mentioned above, corrugated packaging material offers your products the protection they need from every harm coming their way.
  • Shipping or Mailing Items: Being extremely resistant, corrugated packaging is an ideal choice for shipping heavier items over longer distances without having to worry about anything.
  • Environment Friendly: As corrugated is made from different layers of cardboard and paper, it also is eco-friendly, keeping the mother Earth safe.

In the end, it all depends upon your product-specific requirements to decide what packaging material you should choose. ZEE Packaging offers a variety of paper packaging materials depending upon different thicknesses, enabling our clients to choose the one that suits their product packaging needs best. Hope you love reading about ” Types of Paper Packaging”

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