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What can Clear Severe ACNE? – How Can I Clear Up ACNE Fast?

Individuals are suffering from severe acne experience many breakouts on their face, chest, and back. Read What Can Clear Severe ACNE.


What would you do if you wake up on a fine morning and see a breakout of pimples on your face? It will be shocking and bothersome for you at the same time. The first thought in your mind would be to get rid of them as soon as possible. Now imagine how people with severe acne feel?

Individuals are suffering from severe acne experience many breakouts on their face, chest, and back. The biggest disadvantage of severe acne is that it penetrates deep into the skin leading to cysts and nodules. Such breakouts are very painful and even cause swelling. 

There are several useful options to treat severe acne, but which one is suitable for you? It takes time to figure out the right treatment for your skin, but you should not lose hope. An experienced dermatologist can help you choose the proper treatment.

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Ways To Treat Severe Acne

In this article, we will tell you how to fight severe acne and restore your skin’s beauty. 

Always keep your skin clean.

It is the fundamental requirement to keep your skin acne-free. You should wash your face twice a day with a mild soap or a gentle cleanser. Always remove makeup before going to bed and take a shower after performing strenuous physical activities. In this way, oil and sweat will not clog the pores, which results in acne.

Use antibiotics with prescribed topical medications

Dermatologists often prescribe antibiotics with a topical medication to be applied to the skin as an acne treatment in Dubai. It is the first plan of action against severe acne. Antibiotics reduce acne’s swelling and redness, and topical creams kill the acne-causing bacteria and unclog pores. 

Chemical Peel Treatment 

Another way to clear severe acne involves getting chemical skin peels treatment. Chemical peels contain an acidic solution that is applied to the face and left for a while. During this time, the peels neutralize the acne-causing bacteria and resurface the skin. All the dead skin cells are removed, and healthy skin is revealed. You will require multiple sessions of the treatment to get the desired results. 

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Use Isotretinoin 

Isotretinoin is a potent medicine that is effective against all four causes of severe acne. It can attack acne-causing bacteria, clogged pores, excess oil production, and inflammation. The results reported by this medicine are quite remarkable. Almost 85% of patients have observed permanent clearing after using isotretinoin. 

Laser Skin Resurfacing 

If we talk about the best severe acne treatment, then laser skin resurfacing is an ideal option. It is beneficial for all skin types and resurfaces the skin with the help of fractional CO2 lasers. It is an advanced laser that unclogs the pores and kills acne-causing bacteria without harming the skin nearby. The laser utilized in the procedure also stimulates the production of collagen and gives healthy and smooth skin. 

Corticosteroid Injections 

As mentioned earlier, severe acne can lead to cysts and nodules. The dermatologist may inject corticosteroids to eliminate them because it reduces the pain and size of cysts quickly. 

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The Bottom Line 

Thanks to cosmetic services, it is now possible to get rid of stubborn acne for life. Different procedures have been introduced to treat severe acne that offers effective results.

However, every person has another skin type, and only a dermatologist can tell which treatment option is good for your skin. Therefore, get your skin examined before getting the treatment. Also, do not forget to discuss each acne treatment’s pros and cons in the initial consultation.  


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