What Career Opportunities Exist For An Education Support Specialist With A Cert 4?

What is a Cert IV in education support? What career opportunities exist for someone with a Cert IV in education support? This page takes you through some of your potential options.

For many people, their careers just happen. They get started doing something, and it’s not long before they fall into their dream job – one that aligns perfectly with their skills, interests and ambitions. However, there are others who choose to take more control over their careers. These are often individuals who have a clearer idea of what they want to do and how they might achieve it. This can also be true if you have experience in your chosen field but simply don’t enjoy your current role or feel like you’re stuck in it somehow.

There are numerous careers open to education support specialists with a Cert IV, including careers in an education consulting, administration, research and statistics. One of Australia’s most respected higher education employers values candidates who have studied or worked in both areas.

Working As A Teacher Aide

For many people, working as a teacher aide is their first step toward becoming licensed teachers themselves. Becoming a teacher aide is also often seen as an interim role by those looking to work in education support roles while they gain more experience or study at university to become fully qualified teachers. Cert 4-Education Support allows you to work in schools across Australia and gain valuable teaching experience that can help boost your resume and application when applying for future teaching positions. With a Professional Certificate IV (Developmental) qualification, you could potentially fill many different roles as a teacher aide—helping out in classrooms, on playgrounds or even in offices around school grounds.

Becoming An Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant job is one of those positions you will be happy to have on your resume when you are ready to move up. As such, it is important that you choose your education support certificate courses wisely. While they are not necessary, they can help lay a foundation in administrative support and give you some options down the road. An effective administrator should know how to create reports and work within systems. Depending on what programs you take and how hard you work, your certifications could qualify you for an entry-level administrative assistant position, or they might put you at even more of an advantage when applying for other jobs or promotions within your school district.

Taking Care Of Children 

You can help many people by being a therapist and helping them through their tough times in life. You are the person who can help others deal with their daily problems by listening to their problems, and you can be that person who assists others with their problems.

Being A School Psychologist

 Working as a school psychologist will not only mean you get to work in education, but it also opens up many different employment options. If you are passionate about working directly with students, becoming one could be your perfect job.

Teaching Others

If teaching others interests you, you could take your cert 4 and start tutoring high school students. You could also get involved in local and state educational committees to help make changes in curriculum development and management procedures. Many education support specialists find work in some aspect of educational administration through employment with local government bodies or private schools.

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